The Codgers / Press

“The thump, thump, thump of ecstatic toes vibrated the wooden dance floor. The audience clapped their hands to fast-paced Irish jigs. They kicked their legs forward and back with gusto and glee like Riverdance extras.”

“An instant air of authenticity floats over the beads, the painted faces and the beer goggles. The Codgers, today a quartet, embody the character and creativity that makes Corktown unique.”

“Irish folk, touching on such subjects as whiskey, green hills and, urrrm, the fuckin' IRA. Nothing like a little terrorist ditty. ... Oh, well, national pride dies hard.”

“...the Codgers have been making lots of noise at hole-in-the-wall Irish pubs and plan to do it at the legendary Gaelic League on St. Patty's Day.”

“Dudes bow out of the bluster of the punk scene and hit the Celtic melodies good ’n’ proper. Drinks at 11.”

Metro Times

“...harmonic versions of Irish classics, along with a few originals and modern day songs.”