Cockpit / Press

“If AC/DC had a younger, hotter sister it would be Cockpit.”

“...a slamming dose of metallic hard rock...”

Metal Edge

“Your mission, should you accept it, is to get this CD!”


“…the music was appropriately fierce and on-point.”

Houston Chronicle online

“A whiskey and wild nights group that revels in both AC/DC and the classic metal of Sunset Strip - this is the kind of stuff that starts bar fights and propels strippers down poles.”

Las Vegas CityLife

“The four hard-rockin' ladies of...Cockpit will thrash their way into your evil little hearts with metal riffs and line-driving beats.”

Las vegas Weekly

“Though the songs celebrate the exuberance of rock when it ruled the Sunset Strip, this band brings something new to the mix – a fresh sound that updates the genre…they bring the spirit of rock back to the future.”

Music Connection

"...riffs as memorable as AC/DC and a rhythm section as steady as Van Halen..."

Hard Rock Nights

“Gun For Hire is...a bluesy ball buster that forces you to either headbang or consume liquor.”

Las Vegas CityLife

"Check them out because if you do not they will come to your house and force you..."

"...plenty of loud smoking guitars, powerhouse drums, and dirty, filthy bass lines not to mention Linda Lou's arena ready vocals."

"Every number is a corker indeed..."