Cochise Studio / Press

“Gershelle: This guy is AWESOME!!! I've sent a few of my songs to him and it's never taken more than a day for him to return them sounding EXCELLENT!!! PLUS his prices are very affordable. I recommend him to all of my fellow musicians:)”

Gershelle - Gershelle: This guy is AWESOME!!!

“Kanzaz Chiefa: yo yo yo... this is a seriously proffesional sound you got here. highly impressed with the sound quality as well.... fame is down the road for artis of this grandeur... keep it up....im listening in kansas.....CHIEF SUMIN..... ITS YA BOY”

Kanzaz Chiefa - Kanzaz Chiefa Said:

“Treble Clef: Wow... I am very impressed... Thank you so much for messaging us, you are very talented... I am trying to become an audio engineer myself... But we have a mixtape coming out very soon that we didn't want to make a very big project out of, but I will definitely stay in touch and hopefully, together, we could make this mixtape more than we expected. Thank you very much, Treble Clef”

Treble Clef - Treble Clef said