Coasta / Press

“Soothing, catchy, and lyrical, Coasta have delivered a debut EP that will have any fan of alternative or indie rock falling in love...While it is strong enough to keep new fans satiated for a while, it will be hard to suppress the anticipation for more from Coasta after such an impressive introduction.”

“From the opening of Young Blood until Sunzal, Coasta keep you entertained....For some, they could be the band that you have been waiting all year for, the band that you build your summer around.”

“Coasta are on to something, and whatever it is, it’s remarkable. As four guys from Long Island, its obvious they may come with some preconceptions but strangely enough, they don’t sound too similar to any band gracing the musical shoreline in 2012, judging by their recently released debut E.P. ”

“There's something special about Coasta...It's rare when something comes along anymore and requires little while giving you a lot.”

“Coasta hits the right balance of experimentation and traditional song values to build a unique rock album experience.”

“The five-track EP is nothing short of haunting in its plight, creating an intoxicated aura, potent in hypnotization. The maturation each individual brings to the table impeccably exceeds their adolescent status, firing on all cylinders.”

“[Coasta is] one of the stronger indie pop bands I’ve followed over the years. “Sirens” and “Sunzal” are particularly riveting listens, but the entirety of [the] Coasta EP warrants a stream or ten, once you let these melodies sink their teeth in.”

“Be sure to keep an eye on this band, as they are sure to have a busy and exciting few months ahead of them.”

“Coasta bring to bear the best of The Chameleons and The Sound filtered through the fertile petri dish that is Brooklyn’s music scene. Crispy drums, pitch-perfect guitars, pushy bass and razor-sharp songwriting make for a cocktail I’m going to re-order 900 times.”

“Coasta is one of those bands that you find after hours of scouring bandcamp. You know that moment when you’re about to give up hope and shut the laptop but decide to click on one last band?... For your sake I hope that doesn’t happen and, if it does, I hope that your saving grace is landing on the Coasta EP. Stream it below, full glory, and you’ll understand why they’re my favorite find in a long time.”

“From start to finish, Coasta manages to hook you and carry the listener through its duration without feeling bored or cheated on your time.”

“Long Island band Coasta only formed earlier this year, but the music on their self-titled EP proves they’ve got the chops to fast-track their career if they so choose. Their style of indie rock does an excellent job of blending the melodic and catchy with crunchy, down on the ground grit...Coasta’s songs, no matter the mood or the moment, are atmospheric anthems in their own right.”

“The prominence of the Long Island music scene is proven once again with Coasta's self-titled debut....You will be hard pressed to find a first release as well put together as this one, or many better EP's put out this year.”