The Coalition / Press

“This is the second release from this genre blending rock trio, and it is full of blues, jazz, funk, and alternative influences while pairing passionate vocals with original instrumentation. Pushing the boundaries of musical genres and writing catchy, lyrically strong songs, The Coalition has created an impressive album.”

“At the time of The Coalition’s debut, the trio was teenaged. The tracks were open-ended as the band seemed to delight in what it was discovering as it jammed. It was a hit-and-miss affair, but an audacious start. With Machine Land, its new album, The Coalition has paid more attention to arrangement. The tracks are more concise, which means the exploratory/experimental curiosity of the first album has been replaced by structured songwriting. This isn’t a bad thing. Much of it is blues based (opener Where I’m From, for instance) but The Coalition employs a wider arsenal of instruments and also has a heavy and progressive streak. Progressive, in this case, doesn’t refer to ’70s prog-rock, but a search for an individualism that moves the band forward.”

“Coalition breaks rules because it doesn't know of any rules. So, it jams, experiments and generally is reckless....this creates unpredictability in that it's hard to guess where the trio will go next and trying to figure out what the trio will do next can be fun.... Right now, there is a delicious innocence..." TH”