Coach AKA Dvs Mak / Press

“Rare it is that i hear something that hits home. Originallity,creativity,passion. You can tell it comes from the heart. Uhhhh!!!!”

“Equipto & The Coach On "Knee Deep", Now that Was A Good Combination. Grass Valley & The Bay!!!”

“I really like ur verse on that ---- bro, ur part on the hook go 2. On some strait club ---- too tho! Im feelin this one. Lets Make That ---- Go”

“Diggin the tracks fam, GV STAND UP!!”

“That ---- go,on point, new age game”

“luv it.”

“knee deep is knee deep dope lyrics man!”

“Now This Is Why People Should Make Mixtapes... 2 Make The Tracks Better, Not Worse!!!”

"Whats Important" Now That Is Real Hip Hop, Keep Doing What U Do.

“Well, my opinion of The Coach is that he has always been devoted to his dreams. He's a go getter, one of the most influential people I know, he has the ability to befriend thousands of people and his music reflects the many years he has put in work... Allow this man to be a hip hop star and I guarantee he will show you amazing!!!”

“diggin ur flows..stay on that grind”

“Real Music, Reppin The Turf.”

“Your music is great! I remember my friend Hailey was like listen to him and I did I was like woah he's great! Your song p.s. Is still My MySpace song its been that for like 4 years lol. I ♥ your stuff. Make more!!!! :D”

“Still no stoppen you....”

“Give It Up For Our Main Man! Come and Listen to Him. Super Great Music. Totally Awesome Person, Never Stop Rockin' Dude!”

“Keep it up, ur flow sound awesome. I love listing to ur music! I look forward to new songs hope to have a CD one day, ur music is better than most I here on the radio these days!”