Club of Berlin / Press

“Outstanding music and mix on "words"!”

John Revitte

“Intense sounds. Killer riffs.”


“great tunes and style kool arrangements and vibe keep up the fantastic music always respect”

David Flow

“Sounds great! I enjoyed your tunes very much! -Tete-”


“Europa my favorite. Your music has a huge power. Full of energy.”

cesar coronel

“Musically I found your tracks very diverse and original. I enjoyed them all and found worldchrash surprisingly fresh. Great job!”

Joe Sneekers

“Great stuff! Sounds like new twist on Malmsteen.”

Lathe Jordon

“Brilliant stuff posted, Fresh, new and incendiary. Keep up the great work..”


“AWESOME MUSIC!! Music makes the World Turn. I'm a Fan.”

Casey Picou

“great music!! cheers from Italy :)”

The Konspirators

“hi your songs are superb great awsome love to listen”


“very cool track guys !!!! Love your style”

“real cool track!!!!!”

“fuckin yea! give us more guys! great tune! ”

“top stuff guys :)”

“Fuck the system is a great track!”

“Hi Club of Berlin * awesome creative music”

“Man, you guys have a unique sound and it's great, the structured off beats, riffs and vocals are truly amazing, all the best, "Rocko and JV”

“Your music is so refreshing-really digging it.”

“Wow. Really neat sound!”

“Cool !!”

“Wonderful music!! l like it!!!! I will recommend you ^_^. much love”

“Great energy! Berlin rocks! All the best from England!”