Clubber Lang Portland Maine / Press

“Here is a fun interview with Sean in the Portland Pres Herald GO section!”

“Here is a great review of our new album! "What do heavy rock quartet Clubber Lang have going for them? Pedigree: Sean Slaughter proved he was an elite rock vocalist with Supersoul Challenger and he doesn't pull any punches here (oops, sorry — no more bad Rocky allusions, I promise). This kid sings right from his gonads. Plus, he's backed by drummer Stefen Samuels, who's known heavy with Eldemur Krimm, does plenty of rock with Div Kid, and is a nice session drummer to boot. Tack on Dead Man's Clothes bassist Ian Riley and shredder Joe Nash and you've got yourself a band that knows what they're doing."”

“Here is a clip of Clubber Lang performing live on the TV show Good Day Maine!”

“Here's a cool article about us from GO Magazine-http://www.pressherald.com/life/go/Rockmetal-musicians-forge-new-identity-as-Clubber-Lang.html”