Clod Solo / Press

“They will never give you your props until they see you actually doing better then them. If you gotta appeal to the people around you then that's the wrong circle to be surrounded by.”

@Clodsolo - Fakeassness

“Never hate on the next person because you not doing what they doing or accomplished what they've achieved. Support them and your turn will come for the same recognition. Everyone has a unique side to them but are to busy copying others so that side gets lost.”

@clodsolo - NHA (no hating allowed)

“Being positive doesn't mean being a coward or a lame. it simply means you rather think of more good things you can do with your life then negative things. Social media will have you thinking by the depictions you see its cool to be a fool and show self ignorance at all time. I know we not perfect and being the "Good guy" gets boring but when you go to jail and nobody on social media knows and nobody writes or visits you, thats when you realize just how much more positive you should be. I choose positivity over negativity any day because i know the difference so i show the difference. DO YOU ?”

@Clodsolo - #Positivity

“I dont understand how so many people have intentions on making it in this game but they dont possess they own unique style. Taking from another entertainer or musician and adding your own flavor is a little creative, but actually creating your very on unique style is what makes you stand out from everyone else. I got a unique style i choose not to share on social networks only because i know its someone waiting in anticipation to put they signature on it and claim it. My creativity level is so far from so many artist that i dont panic when people say how will you be different in the game. I simply tell them to just wait and see because if i tell you and you tell somebody else then how does that make it special or a gift. Point being, im listening, im watching, and im pacing to see the next unique artist who will set new trends for the next school of artist to come.”

Clodsolo - Uniqueness is unique

“Its not what you with the time spent on earth its how you do it. Some people choose to live middle class some choose to live rich and glorious. some people prefer working and owning a home living the American dream. Regardless what you choose to do make sure its what you want to do. Some of us chose music as a outlet and some of us just envy the fortune and fame. Make your journey a memorable one not a mistake.”

Clodsolo - Our Choices

“Everyday we wake up we blessed to see another day. with so much going on in the world i wonder if its really a gift or a curse to receive such a blessing. you would think that people were civilized enough to understand that their actions will affect everyone. just when i thought being careless was a child's trait it turns out it can apply to anyone who is selfish.”

“People gone hate on you regardless of what you doing in life. Don't let one persons envy alter your future. If you have to move away from negativity in order to sustain positivity do it. Never let no one tell you that you are not good enough because if you weren't they wouldn't be telling that in the first place. Stay focused on accomplishments and not failures because to win you have to achieve goals not give up on them.”

“I see i said its me i said give me one more chance like B.I said and i still can't believe that Aliyah dead, you got the news face to face as for me i read, hand to heart bowed moment of silence for PAC soo as i lift my head up jam master jay got shot, walking this way in my addidas can't believe this is true so to my brother revrun my condolence to you.”