Clocks & Clouds / Press

“Clouds and Clocks creates a truly surprisingly piece with “Aliantha”. With many different twists and turns the piece manages to be full of life and full of influences. Many of the sounds are those that otherwise would never meet. The juxtaposition of the varying styles works surprisingly well. Few groups have ever tried merging these many different approaches with any degree of success. However Clouds and Clocks is no ordinary group it is a group aware of balance and employs it with great effect over the course of the piece.”

“‘The Creation of Matter’ is very grandiose, engorged with strings and complimented by electronic elements and simple drum frills. One can imagine an extravagant illusion being performed to it. It’s not very often that you get a band that consists of a violinist, a cellist and a drummer as the focal point intended to create punchy, edgy post-rock albums, but Clocks & Clouds have done something different with the much maligned classical genre that has reinvigorated the sound and opened it up to a more modern market.”

“The album boasts captivatingly haunting yet striking orchestral scoring – the kind you get accompanying the blockbusters you see on the big screen - rather than lining traditional pop charts. Each song is an instrumental of operatic quality, fraught with swells and stabs that breath expressive life into the album. Though ‘The Creation of Matter’ may be devoid of any lyricism, its ability to provoke emotion hasn’t hampered at all thanks to its almost foreboding nature. Heavily led by spritely cello and violin playing, the pace builds menacingly in each song offering a unique combination of rock-like intensity with the eruptive beauty of classical compositions.”

“The idea of classical music combined with rock and a bit of dubstep is intriguing enough to give songs like “Aliantha”, released last month, a try. Sometimes, listeners are eased into this attention-grabbing combination of genres. Clocks and Clouds. however, simply throw us into the ride from the first note.”

“Their approach to making music is to mix classical instrumentals with a post-rock sound, which creates an entrancing mixture of drums, cello, violin, and electronic rock. The result is beautiful, ominous, and film score-worthy, whether it’s live or listened to in recording.”

“Unexpected and gorgeous, Clocks & Clouds’ The Creation of Matter is all at once flowing, tense, beautifully menacing as each track contributes to a vivid landscape.”

“This three-piece out of Minneapolis brings a Mozart meets Skrillex cinematic sound dramatically to life where one can feel it in their reproductive organs. Seriously.”

“I am versed in electronic muse but normally lean towards metal and what gets called goth because I want very specific things from music no matter the genre. If music is going to stick with me it needs to have a very dark feel,a dynamic ebb and flow, as well as some balls to it. This trio comprised of a cello, violin and drum managed to meet all those needs within the span of this one song.”

“We take on all kinds of music here from metal, to indie rock to electronica, so you know we are going to be excited when some of these get mashed together in a way that makes sense and does all the elements justice. Well the new single by this 3 piece from Minneapolis does just that...I get all kinds of artists sent to me over the inner webs to me and rarely are there those who demand repeat listens like these guys have this afternoon.”

“Minneapolis trio Clocks & Clouds produce a unique meshing of traditional classical beauty and reverberating post-rock. The first listen to “Audeamus” makes comparisons to energetic classical-driven groups like World’s End Girlfriend or Trans-Siberian Orchestra evident, especially when the more rock-forward percussion nicely complements the anxious strings.”

“Clocks and Clouds are not your typical band. Their fusion of classical music with rock elements is one of the coolest sounds I’ve heard so far from the hundreds of artists I’ve heard in the past few weeks. . . Their music is unique and powerful and insights a great deal of emotion. I love this band and the music they make.”

“Clocks & Clouds is one of the most unique and engaging bands I have heard in quite some time. Their mixture of rock, classical and instrumental tracks will arouse your senses and keep you coming back to see, no pun intended, what makes them tick. This is orginal music and difficult to describe and that is exactly why I liked it so much.”