Clint Moody Band / Press

“CLINT MOODY/LONELY DOOR. Recorded in Nashville with the "A" team pickers including Buddy Emmons-steel, dobro-ebo, "Pig" Robbins-piano, Pete Wade-electric lead guitar, Buddy Spicher/Charlene Glossey-fiddles, Matt Spicher-rhythm guitar, Gene Chrisman-drums & David Spicher-bass. Most tunes are originals in the tradition of MERLE HAGGARD/LEFTY FRIZZELL. MOODY has the vocal expertise to sing country "cryin in your beer'' honky tonk.”

Honky Tonkin Music

“Clint Moody - "Back to the Basics" One of, if not the, most popular independent artist we have ever had was Benny Berry. Originally on Hawk Records in Northern Ireland he had a voice that had most people do a double take. What Merle Haggard album is that? Or so the uninitiated would think. I don't think Benny sounded like Haggard...but he was just grand BUT I do think Clint sounds like Benny. Like a lot of independent artists Clint doesn't have a major label look (...in other words he doesn't look like a flamenco dancer in a cowboy hat), but what a voice. He wrote 3 of the tracks and they blend in well. The opener, "Lonely Door" is likely to stop a country fan in their tracks. One thing about this album which will certainly be noticed is the fine musicianship displayed and when you look at the line up, wow! Hargus Robbins on piano, Buddy Spicher on fiddle (and also producer), Pete Wade on guitar and holy dooley(!) Buddy Emmons on steel guitar.”

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