Clinker / Press

“Clinker produce their most complete work yet with their stunning L.P "Thru' the Fly Machine".Every song pulls you in different directions and yet it somehow retains a sense of unity”

“A bizarre electronic, sax, keys and double guitar combo, one-part hippy harmonies, three parts Pixies psychedelia and a touch of funk.They reminded me why I do this: it's the hope of seeing something new and genuinely exciting, to witness something unstoppable.”

“Music Gives You Power is the absolute highlight on this album though and probably Clinker’s best ever – somehow in this exceedingly epic insight there lacks many words to properly describe it.”

“Interesting and quirky in that curious way that only British bands can be”

“Searching For A new World got many of us dancing as it went nicely insane a few times before they closed the set with the mashed to the max work out of Hallucination Generation that folded nicely into Searching for Hullucogens it was a good set.”

Simon Phillips - Mother Bar

“the set was nicely spacey and at times a touch ravey, came to a great close with a super version of the new limited edition single Hallucination Generation that let them get properly Ravey and really got the place going and the crowd dancing and cheering”

“I like a band with an inbuilt stubborness about how they go about things and I also like a band who play without any sense of time - who create their own”

“Original sound, keep doing it..”

Alan McGee

“I like the space they create. A lot of folk would be scared to leave something that open but I thought they held it well.”

Paul Stokes (NME)

“They always have a new trick up their sleeve. Wonder what they will do next?”

“imagine stopping off in a Caribbean paradise and going into a quayside bar. There's a piano player there who for a dollar will play any song you like. You request a few of your favourite songs and they sound like the songs on this EP. Sort of off key, sort of camp but memorable nonetheless.”

“Clinker have a notable ability to adapt and change just a little bit with each release as if they are echoing, but not following, trends. When they finally get to where they are going musically - not far off, I would presume given the evidence - they will be more than a bit impressive."”