Clepto / Press

“One of the biggest events of the year for punk rock and all of the die hard fans of the genre is 2014's Punk Rock Bowling and Music Fest in Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada. This years event comprises of 3 days of festival shows, 4 nights of late night club shows, a 2 day bowling tournament, hotel pool parties, a punk rock poker tournament, and comedy shows. With all of that epicness wrapped up in a three day span, this year's line-up takes the cake with punk rockers Clepto, who have officially been added to the fest along with bands like Cock Sparrer, Descendants, NOFX, Face to Face, Against Me and more.”

“Clepto lands Doll Hut Residency in Anaheim for the Month of June! Every Wednesday come and see Clepto Rock out!!!”

Olystis Music & Homeless One Productions - Clepto Residency

“Clepto Full 2 Hours Radio Interview on KUCR- University of Riverside Radio. Saturday 14th May 2011; 7 - 9 pm Pacific”

“Clepto Drummer Phil endorsed by SJC drums”

“Clepto Endorsed by Knucklehead Strings!”

“All Clepto albums now available for purchase at many online music retailers (Itunes, Amazon ect). New* Donation button up on our website!”

Olystis - Olystis Music and Productions

“NEW WEB SITE UP!!! www.clepto.net!!!”