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“Look, it’s not like I go out of my way to sleep on certain artists or their releases. This type of shit, sadly, just happens when you choose to wade through track after track after track after track. So I will admit it: I slept on Clear Soul Forces. But after these guys started following me on Twitter — I’m a douche, I know — I felt compelled to check out their music. And, surprise surprise, it was dope. For Christ’s sake, I had actually heard them before on that ill Nameless project I posted a little while back. And, sure enough, that cut is featured on this free six-track EP, Departure, that also boasts production from Hudson Mohawke and FlyAmSam. Yeah, Failure Town, USA, for this guy. Stream the track “Pick Up The Sticks” below and hit the skip to download Departure.”

“Clear Soul Forces is a four man rap group consisting of members Ilajide, J. Roc, E. Fav, and Wimp. The Detroit MC’s released their six song EP back in October, but I didn’t grab it until late December from FWMJ. Been meaning to put this up, but remembered today once “Pick Up the Sticks” played while on iPod shuffle mode. Dope project from the fellas with production from Mohawke, NAMELESS, Jay Norm, FlyAmSam, Best Kept Secret, and Ilajide. Props FWMJ”

“On your mark, get set and get ready for more of that Detroit hip-hop vibe. A four man group called Clear Soul Forces has dropped some music for all to hear. Their latest EP is called "Departure" and it's a free download. I really digs the cover artwork as well. That street in the photo is named Woodward Avenue located in downtown Detroit. What I enjoy about this new joint is that it doesn't sound like typical Detroit street music. It has a fun and polished sound to it that I really enjoy. The beats and rhymes are tight, and it continues to deserved rotation in my iPod. Definitely some "head-bobbin' music. Ok, enough typing! Time for you to click on the link below and get this EP:”

“This! Met Kortez back in October at CMJ. He handed me two CDs, both of which I lost by the end of the night. Luckily he sent me download links for the projects a few days later. Threw em on the iPhone for a bit and sat with it. This joint is jammin’ to me.”

“Twitter fam and all around dope emcee Ms. Don't Forget the E aka @Emperess hit me with a link to TwoPhresh.com and Clear Soul Forces Departure EP. Quality hip hop from the Clear Soul Forces reppin' Detroit. This five song EP (six with bonus track) is solid from front to back, my favorite track is the Metroid sample inspired video game themed joint "Pick Up The Sticks." Check it out...”

“Well, I am wrapping up my A3C coverage, and I wanted to leave you with some new music to rock to! Clear Soul Forces a 4 man crew hailing from the 313 Detroit City have just released their new project titled Departure. I was pleased to run into them at the A3C festival 2010 and they personally handed me a hard copy of their new project "Departure" and I am happy to co-sign to this new project! The EP features 6 hot tracks that will keep your head nodding! With good production and clever wordplay this project is definitely worth your time! All 6 tracks are banging some standouts to me are Gon Get Em, The Greatest and the song Red Light will surely having you singing the catchy hook! So what are you waiting for? ”

“These dudes go hard.. Michigan’s Clear Soul Forces. I’ve seen these dudes perform at last month’s The Air Up There. They throw on quite the show as well. Production is on point, CSF just might have the best ear for beats I’ve heard from around the city. I’m looking forward to see what type of songs they make in the future. Check out this 6 track EP entitled Departure. ”

“Clear Soul Forces have 2 superb releases available. First out is Clear Soul Radio which was actually put out back in February (I guess quite a few of the blogger brethren overlooked that one). Then the new EP, Departure. Damn these guys have a great ear for beats! and yes they can spit too. Enjoy! ”

“Make sure to check out this A3C Artist album that’s Dropping during the A3C and don’t forget to catch them performing live tonight! Coming from a city like Detroit, one always has dreams of getting away. It’s not because we don’t appreciate our upbringing, it’s because we realize very early on that the world is bigger than just the Motor City. That’s what “The Departure” is all about. It’s a thematic EP that celebrates our exodus from Detroit into the world as artists. As you listen, you are musically taken from the bouncy nighttime streets of L.A. on “Red Light,” to the video game inspired surroundings of Tokyo’s Shibuya District on “Pick Up The Sticks,” back along the smooth ocean battered shores of Miami’s South Beach strip. But the journey is different for each person, so take a listen and just go… Come to the A3C and catch Clear Soul Forces Thursday 10/07 performing at 8:30pm on the JakPrints stage at the Masquerade.”

“Since I spoke with my homie Wimpy from CSF about "The Departure EP" I've been excited about the project. I've been a fan since their first mixtape that was released earlier this year "Clear Soul Radio". So just out of love and appreciating the art I had to post their E.P. out of support. Here's the link to their mixtape:”

“Some more music phresh out of the D for y’all. Got put on these guys by a friend and there was no going back from there. Just pure feel good soulful hip-hop…with a real upbeat quick sound. Something new, which is always good. Be SURE to check this one out if you are a hip-hop head and be on the lookout for more from CSF in the future. ”

“Fresh off the rack is the new EP from Detroit group Clear Soul Forces. This EP wastes absolutely NO time and starts beating you over the head out the gate! This four man group works together very well. They manage to not get in each other's way which some Hip-Hop duos can't even do successfully. Ill rhymes and cadences along with production from HudMo, NAMELESS, Jay Norm, and more make for a very nice little project. Stay up on these guys as I'm sure more bangere will be coming very soon!”

“I’m personally proud of my my lil homies Ilajide, E. Fav, J. Roc, and Wimp. Ilajide and Wimp were not only there, they ceased the opportunity to rock the open mic. And when we were having technical difficulties? Ilajide beat boxed for Wimp, and was embraced by Invincible to come back to the mic. I knew then that these dudes were going to be poised for good things in the future. Fast forward to October and only having one project together, Clear Soul Radio, and now they’re rocking the A3C festival in Atlanta and releasing their latest EP, Depature. ...Get to know them because they aren’t going anywhere any time soon. Detroit, stand up! ”

“ Finally, something we all been waiting for. Those leaks we're...ehh...just some appetizers, here's the main course. @ClearSoulForces brings you, The Departure EP. download the eargasm here.”

“Drawing influence from artists such as The Clipse, Jay-Z, Outkast, Oddsee, Foreign Exchange and Little Brother, CSF’s mixtape speaks on realistic issues and circumstances that everyone can relate to having experienced or currently going thru. The only time you’ll hear CSF boasting about having a lot of money is in their “Wait Until I Blow” skit where they craftily joke about the benefits impending success versus their current situations. ...they feel “…it’s unfair for people to be force fed music,” says E-Fav, referencing urban radio’s constant repeat of cookie-cutter industry rap. After listening to Clear Soul Radio you cannot help but to notice there’s nothing generic about the group of four. When asked what differentiates them from other groups, “There’s no weak link…we are comfortable with ourselves as well as with the group so nothing appears forced, ”says Wimp. The group is currently working on their album which I definitely can’t wait to hear.”

“CSF is a four man group which consists of three Detroit natives (J.RoC, E-Fav, and Ilajide) and one Colorado native (Wimpy). The group cites Royce Da 5’9” as a major influence in the birth of their group, so I know these guys know a little something about lyricism. I listened to the project in its entirety a few times over the last few days and I was impressed with the production, the sample selection, the lyricism and the utilization of other artists beats. CSF ran with joints like “My Interpretation” (Skyzoo), “Driving Down The Freeway” (Young Buck), and “Boondock Saints” (Little Brother) and straight ripped it! I could relate to a lot of their content too. Take a track like “Massage Situation”, it’s just your old-fashioned tale of trying to get the P, only for ole girl to hit you with some lame ass excuse of why you can’t hit. Damn! Damn! I have no doubt we’ll be hearing more from CSF in the future…”

“Clear Soul Forces are 4 man rap group from Detroit, their hip hop can best be described as a blend of old school boom-bap and new school lyricism. Clear Soul Radio is their first mixtape and was released in Feb of this year. You can stream the whole thing before you download it so there’s no reason not to check this out.”

“There’s an infusion of talent amongst the Hip Hop scene in Michigan. Every time I’m ready to say that I give up on this next generation of kids and their adaptation, or lack thereof, of Hip Hop, another artist or dope group comes across my radar. Insert Clear Soul Forces here. Download the Clear Soul Forces mixtape for free after the jump! http://www.whutupdoe.com/clear-soul-radio.html”