Clear Plastic Masks / Press

“Clear Plastic Masks are a new band from Brooklyn who have been warming our ears lately… Once digging around for some live footage of the 4-piece, we stumbled across this gem shot by Birmingham, Alabama’s Joshua Shoemaker (who is better known for his work with Alabama Shakes). It features this amazing performance of ‘When the Night Time Comes,’ from when the band stopped by Birmingham this Spring:”

“They have a raw, powerful sound that rocks to your core, and while lead vocalist/guitarist Andrew Katz has an impressive vocal range, the entire band is really on the same wavelength”

“One minute Katz’s everyman poet is casually whispering in your ear like an old friend telling you a joke and putting you at ease. The next Matt Menold (guitars, keys) is pummeling you with ocean size Hendrix licks and Stax Hammond organ drones. But a deep soulfulness permeates every note, and the Cuban and Dominican roots of rhythm section Eddy DuQuesne (bass) and Charlie Garmendia (drums) ensure asses are kept shakin’ and the funk is kept stankin’”

“Plenty of bands embrace the do-it-yourself craze as a way to grow them­selves a fake set of balls—to feign the grit of authenticity—but Clear Plas­tic Masks employs it so con­vinc­ingly that it seems essen­tial rather than super­fi­cial. You won’t be fooled by (nor does the band hope to fool you with) the sleek Motown vibe which obscures the true grime like a blast of Fer­breze might obscure the stench of sex and cig­a­rettes”

“This is the first RtBE has heard of Clear Plastic Masks but it certainly won't be the last. When the band plays their original tune "Working Girl" and drop the line "I put things together too" I was hooked. More seriously the straight ahead blues rock and roll touched a nerve too as the band sounds in top form this night.”

“I started my musical 2012 off right with a dose of feel-good rock from Brooklyn’s Clear Plastic Masks at the always-welcoming Mercury Lounge in Manhattan. Despite the continuing interest in various forms of bedroom recordings and keyboard-and-loop heavy atmospherics in the Brooklyn scene, there remain a solid cadre of new bands making organic, straight-ahead rock, and CPM fall into that category.”

“Take “I’m Free”, the standout cut from their recently released, eponymous EP. It’s the kind of track that makes you want to pull out your old college guitar from the depths of the closet so you can pretend to be on stage with the band. It’s gentle and gritty; soulful and powerful. There’s no subtlety. And that’s why it’s so good.”

“ Brooklyn-dwelling rockers Clear Plastic Masks are ready to face the music. Starting out as friends supporting each others artistic pursuits, the boys soon realized that together they had a good thing going, and thus Clear Plastic Masks was born. Their burning bluesy rock anthems hit a soulful chord that's sure to brand them as a local favorite and then some. With ringing guitar riffs, mellifluous key strokes and Andrew Katz's husky resounding vocals, there's no disguising the talent of these (clear) masked men. Get tuned in before word gets out.”