Claude 'Butch' Morgan / Press

“I have heard other musicians with some mighty impressive credentials refer to Morgan as a genius in his own right.”

Sam Kendrick - Action Magazine

“The flipside of Morgan’s comic shtick is his earnest singer-songwriter persona.”

Gilbert Garcia - San Antonio Current

“…when Butch hit our stage, he had over 200 friends before his first song was over. ... Our audience fell in love with the instrumentalist, songwriter, performer, and the person that is Butch Morgan.”

Robert Scarborough - Jefferson Freedom Café

“Butch Morgan is not one of those performers you can stuff into a box and tie a neat little genre bow around. Both his life an musical style defy conformity, and his stories, like his music, require listening to it all before you can appreciate the depth of his talent.”

Mary Petre - Hill Country Happenings

“If you're looking for a great musician, but can't find one, call Butch"...no, wait..."Butch has the talent and song/tempo variety to make a two-set concert a delightful experience.”

Paul Barker - Barker House Concerts

“Butch Morgan is both musician and troubadour, as well as folkie and bluesman. His enthusiasm for what he does comes through in each and every performance ensuring that those who get the opportunity to hear him, will have been happy to have done so.”

Terri Hendrix - Musician

“I’ve had ‘Mr. Blue’ on the jukebox in my brain for over a year now, although every now and then a crazy Tex-Mex version of ‘I Feel Good’ knocks it out of rotation.”

Chris Gage - Musician

“Butch Morgan is the quintessential Texas singer/songwriter and guitarist.  His music goes beyond entertaining us, it makes us think.  His creative songwiting spans all genres and his guitar playing is an inspiration to all of us.”

Geronimo Trevino III - Singer/Songwriter

“He's everyone's old friend. One feels like they known him forever. His stories are as old and familar and as rich as the dirt of the highways he's traveled!  He's the real deal, the genuine article, with a true and unique voice! His songs will make you smile, think, and pray...all at the same time!”

Shake Russell - Singer-Songwriter

“When he adds a note to my music it is lyrical and soulful....not just a note. But, more important, his spirit helps me smile inside...life is good.”

Rex Foster - Singer/Songwriter and Jewelry Artist

“When I go back into my music head, reaching for inspiration from the golden past and the prolific present...there are a few old compadres who stand out, but some shine and sparkle.  Butch never fails me.”

Rex Foster - Singer/Songwriter and Jewelry Artist

“Butch is my pickiest client.  That should say something about his work!”

Vince Pawless - Pawless Guitars

“Butch Morgan writes songs with a playful, zany and absolutely contagious energy...A consummate entertainer in ANY situation.”

Karen Mal - Singer/Songwriter

“Butch's songs are filled with honesty and integrity.  He validates our existence, finding goodness and universal truths in the smallest of situations and the simplest of characters.”

George Ensle - Singer/Songwriter

“Butch is one of the most enthusiastic and intuitive players I know.  He never missed a lick and played rockabilly to ragas on all new songs he'd never heard before.”

Bob Livingston - Texas Music International, Inc.

“...award winning songs of credence...”

Uncle Calvin’s Coffeehouse

“Butch Morgan is a musical acrobat seamlessly moving from the hilarious to the serious.  He is charming, witty and talented and knows how to entertain an attentive audience.  Promoters will take no risk booking this talent.”

Lane Gosnay - The Bugle Boy

“Butch is one of the most dependable human beings that I have come across, and is a principled man.  He does what he says he will do, shows up when he says he will, and finds ways to be helpful along the way.”

JoLynn Braswell - River Road House Concerts

“Butch is an extremely interesting and unique singer/songwriter out of an overpopulated sea of sound-alikes and he is not imitating anybody else.”

John Whipple - Tejas Records

“Butch is a delightful personality with enormous talent who both disarms and embraces his audience. He draws the audience in with his warmth and charm. His manner is that of a dear friend that you can laugh and cry with and with whom you can try to solve the problems of the world.”

Shannon Monk - Music at the Monastery

“Butch Morgan has played our venue several times and each times he gathers more fans.  He is so passionate ... and very professional about his performances.  His songs are fun but some carry a powerful message (like "Eddie"). Butch is a wonderful, sweet character with a humorous rapport onstage.”

Pam Herndon - JP Hops House

“Butch is the whole package - true musician with great guitar chops, warm, quirky personality that holds the attention of any audience, distinctive and diverse songwriting.”

Roland Brown - Roland's Next Door

“I initially sought out Butch for his repertoire of quirky, fun songs and his ability to engage an audience.  He does that, and so much more.  Butch is an excellent musician and a professional.”

Ruth Wunderlich - Wunderlich House Concerts

“Butch is a showman, an entertainment pro...with his glowing smile and a wealth of songs to draw from…add in Butch's guitar and his ability to make the song live enough for laughter and it was a perfect combination…a standing ovation at the end and well deserved!”

Karen Webb - Webb House Concerts

“Butch Morgan's got a truckload of bulletproof songs and a heart as big as Texas. He's an instant good time for all ages.”

Jonathan Byrd - jonathanbyrd.com

“Butch Morgan is the anti-dote for self-indulgent songs. A world class guitar player, and an incredibly inventive writer with a knack for painting the obvious in polka-dots and paisley.”

Tom Prasada Rao - thedreamsicles.com

“One of the area's best guitarists, most innovative band leaders and most prolific songwriters for more than a few years, Morgan is always in the thick of things. Sometimes he is the thick of things.”

Jim Beal, Jr. - San Antonio Express-News

“When you look up "Texas Music Artists" in the Dictionary, you will see a picture of Butch Morgan. He is the whole package, the definition.”

Rudy Jones - Houston Street Fair

“Claude (Butch) Morgan is a damn good musician who never tried to be anyone other than Claude (Butch) Morgan. There ain't many of these characters left out there.....”

Sam Kindrick - Action Magazine

“Claude was particularly, extra great. He hit it out of the park. ...I was blown away.”

John - House Concert Attendee

“I was blown a way by what a great songwriter Claude is.”

Jimmy - A New Fan