Classified Frequency / Press

““Unbelievable pop/rock live show!””

Jammin Java (Vienna, VA)

“This Maryland based band kicks things off with volume and skill.”

David Hintz - DC Rock Live

“Power Pop at its best!!”

Sharon Reed - DC Music Download

"The three piece punk-pop outfit is comprised of some of the most talented musicians in the D.C. area. While they are just a trio, their live sets feel as if they have doubled the amount of people onstage." "The IOTA Club is typically filled with the chit-chatter of patrons this early in the night, but the fact that Classified Frequency managed to shut the entire venue up and actually pay attention is something to be said." "...they are a band that I’m still ashamed I haven’t discovered sooner."

"Their tunes thunder along at 100mph, chunky guitars, strong hooks, great melodies and a vocal delivery to die for, as for the drummer, I'll have two of whatever he has before going out this weekend!"

“CF’s sound is super-tight and reminiscent of great bands like Cheap Trick. If you get a sec you should check out “Heart Attack” on their ReverbNation, a funny touch-in-cheek tale about wasting time on the wrong gal and how a heart attack would be preferable. We’ve all been there.”

Jeyon Falsini (Promotor)

“I recently interviewed Matthew Berry, the man behind the music of Classified Frequency. He is a local musician who had just released Heart Attack EP. His music is exceptional, as is the amount of thought, time, and effort he put into his work. I wanted to tell people about how he did it. It is a business after all...”