Clairede Dirval / Press

“Clairede is an amazing vocalist that takes you through the full range of emotions. She is a fun spitfire that will make you laugh at one moment and then have you crying the next with her the rough tenderness of her voice many Compare her music to Stevie nicks and the other ladies of rock, but whatever your favorite type of music Claire has something that will appeal to you. Come on over laugh and cry and have a fantastic time with the fantastic Clairede Dirval!!!”

Maribol Inshan - Second Life

“One of Sl's Hottest Performers. From Deeply Soulful to Wildly Seductive... Her show offers something for everyone...She Kicks Ass Performing her Music & you just cant help... but get addicted to her !”

“I found Janis and Big Brother in 69 and it only took 40 years to find the second best female singer that can really move me. Great voice. ”

“Awesome All Acoustic Guitar. Great Performance sweet material. A good mix. She did pretty woman. Sounded like a whole band.”

“Griff Caedmon: you were quite simply the best live act I've heard on sl - or in rl for years come to that”

Griff Caedmon - Second Life

“Clairede Dirval She is one sassy woman. She really sounds like Janice Joplin and has a great sexual sense of humor, yes she has on hell of a dirty monolouge. She is refreshing as an artist. She sings that 60 and 70 folk female rock. To the music she turns up, to her listeners she turns on. I say turn around and come give her a listen. She is great for a fun time out and some laughs. Claire will definitly not hurt your ear drums as some other atists. Se is EZ but only on the eyes. So don’t let her ditry talk fool you. She has a great heart and such passion for the music. I rave to you about this artist.”

Calidora - The GaslightLive Music Venue - Second Life

“The best live singer in Second Life!”

“Clairede Dirval,Playing up the "bad girl in a truck-stop" attitude, she plays things like Jewel and KT Tunstall with a lot of sass. ”

Tali Rosca - Second Life

"AWESOME!!! Clairede sings with BALLS !!!"

Maximillion Kleene - Second Life

“Did you know ClaireDe plays guitar, keyboards AND the Akypella..whatever that is.”

TortugaTom Macbain - Second LIfe

“She is far more than a singer, she is an entertainer, SL's best.”

Blanube Balut - Second Life

“Wayne Severson aka Washedup Sideways "quote" She's an awesomely talented performer. In fact, she is that and more. She also is the most upfront, honest, biggest-heart-but-take-no-crap-from-anyone person that I know. I know it shouldn't all go together, but in Clairede’s case it does. ”

Traci Nubelo - The Word

“That voice! Lawdy mamma, that girl sounds like she ate up the blues and is spitting out the bones! All gravel and sass, Miss Dirval has an instinctive feel for breath and phrasing, making the delivery as much about story as song. And I can’t stress enough how much those road years come into play when she sings. There’s a passion present - a love borne from dedication - that literally coats each word she sings; and a deep weariness that can only be heard in the voice of a woman who has lived the blues. ”

Traci Nubelo's - The Word

“I'm listening to Clairede Dirval performing live at the Beta Business Park... she *has* to be the best singer/player/funny jokes teller”

GwynethLlewelyn - Plurkin' Gwyn

“Clairede Dirval seems like the kind of girl you’d love to party with. She’s a hell of a lot of fun and gives you the impression she’s a whole lot more fun in real life. Ah but what the hell, I’m reviewing her music.”