Claim The Throne / Press

“Now with the venue heaving it was time for a drunken party with Perth's Claim The Throne. And what a party it was! There was a great sense of being round a campfire and having a good old sing-a-long with mates. Round this particular campfire were bloodsoaked guys with chain-mail, beer bongs and a great set of songs about.. well.. beer!”

“Perth’s Claim The Throne have been playing in the niche genre for around six years and their experience is evident. In between chugging beer bongs, Throne weave Celtic melodies around blast beats, playing numbers like title track from latest Triumph And Beyond album that stand up on their own two feet apart from the gimmick potential inherent in folk metal. Claim The Throne also deserve a mention for the having ‘Australian Thirst’ merch that rips off Darkthrone’s Transilvanian Hunger. Hilarious.”

“Claim the Throne don’t tend to hold back on the performance aspect. Their set is like a big folk metal party with the band dressing up in character, combined with lots of drinking, sing alongs, windmills and beer bongs. The only thing missing was a pig on a spit.”

“Starting things off with an acoustic number and a tamborine, the band were an instant hit with a crowd that was obviously full of folk-metal fans (and those who enjoy a beer bong or two). Claim The Throne put on a performance that truly hit 10 on the fun scale, the combination of drunken lyrics and catchy tunes created an atmosphere that was hard not to be absorbed in. There was certainly no lack of variety with the sound ranging from fast, ballsy riffing through to folky acoustic numbers. It’s quite astonishing to see an Australian metal band playing that sort of themed music, and still coming off as authentic as possible.”

“Weaving back and forth between inspiring, mournful and triumphant, the opening handful of songs each have their own moments however it is midway through the album where the formidable five-piece make it to the pinnacle of their skills with the standout track The Thousand Thunders. It is almost as if they have channelled the genius out of a Jari Mäenpää carving, with great melodies, pace and fantastic vocals displayed early before slotting into a delightful groove.”

“Triumph and Beyond is a sensational folk metal album, chock-full of high voltage but fun anthems for folk or metal fans to enjoy. Claim the Throne’s songwriting, production and delivery are absolutely top notch, and very convincing. There’s plenty of extremely thrashable moments in the grooves of this record, whilst the folky instrumentation and vocals provide a beautiful counterpoint amid the metallic mayhem.”

“This is Australia's finest album ever”