CK Barlow / Press

"...her music did everything I could have asked: it heightened the dramatic action of the film, filled sonic empty space and never got in the way of dialog. Further, it was interesting to listen to and impeccably produced."

Tor Kingdon - Hear Kitty Studios

““Magnificent soundtrack... wouldn't be out of place on the West End or Broadway.” ”

Marisa de Andrade - Edinburgh Guide

"...a genius and an angel." —

Julie Reichert, independent filmmaker - Girls | Pipes | Warrior Woman (indie films)


Digby Wolfe, Laugh-In co-creator - Laugh-In

"...a highly involving creation of slowly accreted electronic sounds. Barlow's ominous work stands out here."

Jason Bivins - Cadence: The Review of Jazz & Blues: Creative and Improvised Music

"...a searing dollop of vintage Varèse."

Gary Gold - Indie Journal: A Home for the Independent Artist

"Top to bottom, floor to ceiling, wall to wall cool."

Mark Webber - Zerx Press