Cj TheBest / Press

“I'm really feeling that song title "Testing"<<< very well written great job on that bro!!”

“@Cjatx512 Your show was GREAT! Omg I am now a huge fan !!(: <3”

“So I bought this cd from an artist last night (yes buy local) at the latasha lee show and it's cool, he has a nice voice and tone.Could be a problem on the charts in time.Stay tuned...”

“My wife and I got a chance to see you perform live @ The Juneteenth Celebration in Austin,TX yesterday. We JAMMED your CD the entire ride home on repeat it has not left my deck yet!! Keep it up you have a very bright future”

““ nice groove and song.. perfect voice for this song and tempo"!”

“hey Cj! I really enjoy listening to your music! your cd is great and watching you do your thing live is amazing!Keep it up and God Bless!”

“hey CJ this is your number one fan kels..know I had to come threw and show you some love....I am behind you 100%....I hope you get what you want in life...of course I have my faviorte song "moves".....much love boo”

“Yo, much Respect to you my dude. Music on point and i'll meet you Hollywood soon. Big up that boy Reign easy”

“You guys killed it fammo!... I know Head Hunters will be just as LIVE!”

“Hey CJ .... loving the groove on moves ... awesome vocal work !!!”

“you are a phenomenal singer :)”

“You are amazingly talented! I ♥ your music!”

“@Cjatx512 loved ur performance today. Real nice”

“Heard @Cjatx512 in the studio earlier before our session swear he sound a lil like Anthony Hamilton.”

“I Luv This MUSIC...”


“CONGRATULATIONS to the UnTapped Artist of the Week, CjThebest Slaughter. Go check out his bio and contact info on our website at www.untappedshow.net and just click on the UnTapped Artist of the Week tab.”

“Thank you's going out to Ja'quan Rnb, Brooke La'velle Hunt, Bluu Suede, Jaslynn Gillespie, Can D Ice, Mz. Marlah Renee, Ms. Dora Robinson (Gods Gift), and Cj's FANS for a great show last night. All of you were awesome. Thanks to all of the fans who showed up to support the artists and the show. We truly appreciate you all. Thanks to the Historic Victroy Grill for allowing us to have our showcases there. Big thanks to our hosts Tha Genius (Dennis ThaGenius Johnson) and Jay Hunt . Also, thank ya Ms. Lenda Grace Houston for your help.”