CJ Orazi / Press

“He played his stripped down acoustic set, and shocked me with how great his lyrics were, as well as his ability to cover one of my favorite Johnny Cash songs. Just show me a handsome tattooed man that possesses a deep southern voice singing Cash and you’ve got my attention. Impressed was my immediate reaction. CJ has an amazing voice that really makes you feel the emotion of his lyrics which are raw and truthful and often leave you wondering what the whole story is. His music though strongly reminiscent of blues and classic country, cannot be truly defined as one specific genre as with each song he continues to surprise you with hints of something you wouldn’t expect. I am unable to compare him to anyone I’ve ever heard before but in that regard no one compares to him. I must say that I am glad that I was lucky enough to cross paths with Mr. Orazi and I can’t get enough of his music in my ears.”

Laura Allmon - Local Examiner

“CJ has spent the majority of his musical journey exploring and honing his abilities going from one band based project to another. After learning from each experience and forming a more personal and definitive sound that is rooted in the origins of 1900’s music he emerged from the Jazz/Blues Rock cave enlightened and solo. He comes to the stage armed with just a voice and a few guitars, including an Ibanez acoustic, an electric Gibson Explorer and a cigar box guitar for that extra touch and look of song writing sensibilities that is presently a rarity.”

Carlos Franco - FrancoFilms

“The CJ Orazi Project kicked the night off. The two piece local Orlando band featured singer/songwriter CJ Orazi on guitar and drummer Josh Henry. Orazi’s Blues/Rock music was a terrific start to the evening, and his jokes between songs weren’t too bad. Henry’s kit included a massive kick drum that could be felt throughout the club as he played, more powerful than any bass guitar rattling the rafters. They closed their set with Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues.””