Circle the D.O.G.S. / Press

"Absolutely great music! Love it, great vocals, fantastic guitar work, just amazing music in general! I'm a fan"


"Sounds like Geoff Tate from Queensryche has got a side project going on here"

Sucker Frantic

"thick guitar riffs and sharp eye for melody laying a power metal foundation with melodic rock furnishings"

Steven Reid - Fireworks Magazine #57-UK

"My Life starts proceedings with the throttle full open, a dirty riff, and clever tempo change"

Steven Reid - Fireworks Magazine #57-UK

"Soaring falsettos, huge guitar riffs, and pounding percussion."

The Ultimate Jamz

"Mid-way through the first verse of the opening track, My Life you know that D.O.G.S. are here to play with the big boys!"

The Ultimate Jamz