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“Bringing multiple generations of music into one sound, Circleswitch does just that. A group that has your modern metal mixed with 80’s themes. The band located right in Milwaukee rocked the stage with music that is simply structured, which left room for innovation and originality. With the classic 1-4-5 progression in their chords, Circleswitched loved to change it up by accenting not just a root note but also other tones (minor 3, and dominant 7 especially). Their ability to also change from the ever so common minor scale to a major scale is another theme that left me impressed. This is something that is not done all too much by rock bands, and is more of a jazz style. But, the fact that they were able to implement these techniques into such hard rock means that they get an A+ in my book.”

Kyle Fitzgerald - Bluestribute Entertainment-Concert Reviews

“Seeking more versatility from this group, I was drawn to track #2.  A wickedly, haunting 'Drink Me 'til You're Naked'.  A catchy melody summing up the saucy rock environment on an excessive night.  Driving, frothy and melodic metal riffs keep you listening to this entire ensamble of metal collaborations.   I think this is the beginning of something very beautiful.. in a wickedly, raw, metal way... of course.     Keep your eyes here....”

Gina Planell - Onstage Review. A product of FM Entertainment

“Uniting Wisconsin and Illinois is no easy feat when it comes to music.  Circleswitch does just that and more. With it's current line up completed in 2013, this regional band gives way to something extraordinary by way of talent. Members reside in both music meccas and have combined their magical influences with their new release.  Their new cd, entitled 'Ritual' expresses that flair with songs such as self-titled track "Ritual" featuring extraordinary guitar execution by Danny Rodic and equally vicious drum presentation by Eddie Gunz.  The hauntingly, searing vocals of Kenny James comes full circle in this single as well as bass line perfection following Johnny 'Rock It' Wahlen on bass guitar. ”

Gina Planell - Onstage Review. A product of FM Entertainment

““CircleSwitch might look to the Seattle of the early ’90s, to Soundgarden and to Alice in Chains for inspiration, but they are also grounded in a Midwest work ethic, an ethos of unpretentiousness. Call it post-grunge, post-thrash, decidedly non-glam rock. Ritual sends doomy, catchy vocal melodies over heavy head-banging riffs and stone-grinding rhythms.” Their CDs have the fuller sound, the breadth, of well-engineered studio albums rather than the sometimes-thin sonics of bedroom-laptop indie recordings.”

“Milwaukee is a hard-rock town. Fueled for decades by album rock radio stations like Lazer 103 and 93QFM, as well as being a stomping ground for local bands who weren’t afraid of crunch like Realm, Doc Hammer, or Bad Boy, there’s an entire generation of musicians who grew up loving whiskey-soaked party bar rock n’ roll that’s nasty and fun. Circleswitch carries on that proud tradition with Danny Rodic on guitars, Kenny James on vocals, Eddie Gunz on drums, and Johnny Wahlen on bass.”

"CircleSwitch recently filmed a video in the Milwaukee area involving their huge fan base in the actual production. CircleSwitch is one of the bands who really get involved with community action and charitable events. The four guys from CircleSwitch performed and promoted "Guitars For Vet's," held at the popular Milwaukee night club, Rooters, in November of 2012."

"CircleSwitch is a popular and highly recommended band from The Milwaukee Rock Music Examiner, due to their amazing motivation , energy, and all around musical talent."

"Revolution" Rocked me into watching the video three times in a row and begging for a copy.

“CircleSwitch's debut album "Hard Rock Certified" is sure to be a nationally recognized release. Take the time to hit the banner link, to hear the fresh take on heavy rock and roll. "Two Fist Automatic Thrill," a cut off of the LP, is raw with speedy guitar lines, perfectly timed drum beats, and belting vocals. Please turn this tune up! No, I didn't forget the bass player. On "Lay it Down," we have a bass intro that rocks the casbah and more! The entire song makes you want to bang your head. On top of all the great music, I can't forget to tell you about all the great fun at the live shows. We can all look forward to the new DVD release with the same title as the LP, "Hard Rock Certified." Check CircleSwitches' Myspace for upcoming show dates. Listen to the tracks here and download for your rock collection. HARD ROCK CERTIFIED ”

“Pure soulful Rock music. To this day we have never put an artist in our magazine whose music I could not get into. CircleSwitch caught my ear in ways that just reached out and grabbed me.”

“They are incredibly versatile with tunes ranging from Hard Rock to Alternative, all the way to an acoustic tune I just heard last night. ”

“If you only check out a couple tunes, try these first. "Lay It Down" - infectious with a great hook. I'm taking bets that you hear this on commercial radio sooner rather than later "Trust" - this impresses me. Growing up in the late 70's and 80's we saw a lot of hard rock/metal bands to cross over songs and of course we saw the very beginnings of Unplugged on MTV in the early part of the 90's. Not everyone was successful. Circle Switch does a kick ass job of pulling off an acoustic version of their tune Trust that shows off their musicality and the range of their voices. "Two Fist Automatic Thrill" - this tune will show you how well they have a grasp on their chosen genre yet still allows them to stretch harmonically. There are several spots where the vocal lines cross and do some excellent part harmony work, and they even work in the "obligatory key change" we heard so much in the 80's and 90's”