Circle of Fate / Press

"The group is second to none as performers! They put on an awesome show! They also are awesome individuals! It is an absolute honor to be associated with the Circle of Fate. Circle of Fate is a rare & unique blend of personalities that shines both on stage & off! I've worked with many artists/performers. There is something undeniably magical with the chemistry of this group. They are amazing & people love them!" Jewel Olson Promotions/Marketing Manager

Jewel Olson - Jewel Olson Marketing

“As Circle Of Fate brings on their heavy repertoire, they may be one best band's blending classic hard rock sensibility with modern rock trends, and that in itself is quite an accomplishment. Recommended!”

Dangerdog - Dangerdog Music Reviews

“It got loud enough to make drivers look to see if the Smashing Pumpkins were playing! Michel, who is the lead vocalist, has this playful yet sexy attitude that flirts with the crowd. Danny (lead guitar) plays the guitar good enough to give Motley Crew a call!”

Szou - Datongue Entertainment Magazine

“Overall the hooks on this disc make it one of the more memorable hard rock albums in recent memory. ”

Chris Dahlberg - Cosmos Gaming

“When I heard this album I loved it. Yes it is certainly rock, but it has something more to it, some great lyrics, and some very fine guitar work behind them.”

“Back to Life can best be described as a metal record with great power pop sensibilities.”

“Circle of Fate "Back To Life" (circleoffate.net) Will be the biggest band out of Chicago since the Smashing Pumpkins, and it will happen so soon they will play at the next Superbowl! Take this magazine out in January and see if I'm right! See, I told you! ”

“Chicago band Circle of Fate are a new name to me, but this female fronted combo have been in the business for a good decade or so. They've just delivered their fourth album "Back to Life", and it's obvious this band are a tight combination.”