".....It’s definitely an eclectic blend of styles that wouldn’t normally go together with each other, as a result of which their tunes possess some weirdly interesting curves and transitions. It portrays a darkness in its expression and has a degree of dissonance to its patterns, and while at times it emanates a Black Sabbath vibe, it also has post-rock and punk tendencies. All these wildly varying elements are well embodied by the four members on their respective instruments, fronted excellently by vocalist/guitarist Tomahawk. An intriguing band, to say the least."

"If you are a modern day rock and roll band and you have an accordion player in your band you are automatically a zillion times cooler in my book. This makes Los Angeles bred, Cinderella Motel, officially one of the coolest bands on the planet.....What Automatic Pleasure is though is the sound of a more strung out, more fuzzed out version of The Kills. With aggressive punk chord changes, almost riot grrl like vocals and a general feeling that things are not going well, Cinderella Motel are not living in a fairytale......With accordion cranked to 11, guitars running on what sounds like four or five Big Muff pedals, and drums shattering skins this is not an album for the feint of heart...and yes I said accordion cranked to 11. Automatic Pleasure is a great album of hostile riffs, dominant vocals, and dirty scuzzy rock and roll songs that combine together to create a sense of impending doom."

“..."a punk rock powerhouse....This band whips out tempo variation so quickly and flawlessly they leave you wanting more. These, combined with killer hooks, booming drum rhythms and metallic guitar riffs makes Cinderella Motel a punk rock bullet train people need to take a ride on."”

““Cinderella Motel’s thrashy old-school squalor owes a huge debt to black-dressed songstresses of the past — fans of Siouxsie Sioux and Joan Jett, take note — with frontwoman Tammy Tomahawk juggling guitar and accordion and howling at ghosts wearing studded belts and leather collars. Or maybe they’re not ghosts at all. The quartet, working on a full-length scheduled for a fall release, features thundering rhythms from bassist Dustin Robles and drummer Raul Guerrero, and appropriately shreddy licks from lead guitarist Janice Reid. L.A. once thrived on a steady diet on a steady diet of post-punk like Cinderella Motel’s; now we have only occasional side dishes to make you scream like a banshee.””

"Cinderella MOTEL lead singer Tammy Tomahawk throws down crankingly kittenish vocals, her rich, port wine voice channeling semi-namesake Martha Davis (The Motels) in its sultry intensity…delivered with a theatricality that speaks to her other life as a performance artist."

"...a female reincarnation of Iggy and the Stooges...if Iggy also played accordion!"

Jorge Barriere - Flavorpill LA

“… controlled trashiness… eccentric audio arrangements… nothing remotely conventional…mak[ing] music exciting again…. CM’s talent isn’t rooted in their differences; the two go hand in hand.”

".... frantic beats with eccentric charm... mastered the art of innovation. ...songs are driven and upbeat & refuse to sacrifice whimsicality even when taking a serious turn. Tammy Tomahawk’s vocals are stellar, retaining a feminine quality despite a rough Joan Jett-esque howl.

“on TOP 10 PostPunk-Noise Band List”


““Although there are other acts using accordions these days (e.g. Arcade Fire), nobody has quite the slant on the instrument like these guys do. This group stands out because they dare to be different; and, even more importantly, they make it work.””

Doug Deringer - Music Connection

“One of LA's Top 300 Bands”

“Named one of the HOT 100 Unsigned Bands of 2008 by Music Connection Magazine!”