Cian Coey / Press

"Cian Coey was unbelievable, gave me goose bumps. ..."

"the bacon mac and cheese, the creamy mashed potatoes covered in piping hot gravy, is the performance of Cian Coey. ...She must come from a theatrical background, because every step, every motion was a precise and perfect calculation. And her voice was phenomenal."

Jason Bryan - Festivals & Gigs

"Coey breathed new life into the second song. Her interpretation entranced the audience."

"When cheerleader Coey bounded out onto stage, it was no longer cold and lonely in the deep dark night. It was smoldering. It wasn’t just Meat Loaf that was ready to love her until the end of time. Coey time and again brought the heat."

"dominating, sexy female...could have any man groveling under the dashboard light."

Robin Leach - Las Vegas Sun

"The show wakes up whenever Cian Coey...arrives on the scene. Here's an actress who knows how to create a character who "owns" her songs and dialogue. Her comedic abilities and sharp-edged voice bring flesh and blood..."