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Church Of Eon are a Pop Punk band with a difference, the difference being, this is a band that is directly connected to the heyday of British music. The band is fronted by Nic Austin who many people will know from the legendary band Chelsea, who grace any book on rock n roll. Many over the years have acclaimed Nic’s songwriting skills, illustrated by classic albums such as Evacuate and The Alternative. The band is based in London, and sports, Lee Morrell on Drums, Lee (Dairy) Page on Bass, Simon Godfrey on Keys, and Marc Jefferies on Guitar.
“An absolutely majestic and emotional crescendo of musical noise that tugs at the heartstrings... And if a band were made to play in front of a 100,000 fans at night in a star-lit stadium, then this is that band. Glorious. Stunning. Epic.” – Johnny Heartbreaker (Online Music Mag)

Church Of Eon has just released for download 2 new tracks from the fourth coming second album due for release in 2017. The next album will be a massive jump, to coin a phrase from the first album “Eat that honey”
The band is looking to expand its presence on the festival scene, and preach to the unconverted.

Nic needed a team that could make his vision shine and ended up with more than he bargained for, a blend of experience that can only be described as a powerful chemistry. The Band shares the same vision and all bring their unique skills to the party, creating a new and very different sound. In the past Nic has worked with top people in the industry such as Miles Copeland, Billy Idol, and Tony James, and the team surrounding C Of E is expanding fast. The release of the first album received huge critical acclaim and live appearances around the country have reinforced the bands reputation.

“Church Of Eon is a breath of fresh air in todays music” (vive le rock magazine)
“Just want to live my life like you, and be really happy” - Happy (song from debut album All Our Tomorrows)
The future is bright, the future is Eon Eon Eon…

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Simon Godfrey - Keyboard, Nic Austin - Vocals
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Church Of Eon
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Punk / Alternative Rock / Power Pop

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London, ENG, UK