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“Whether the song has dealt with pain and fear and anger, or hope and light or love…Cooley has put it all out there, balls to the wall. “These songs are a reason to live… And it’s a pretty damn good one"..-Christy Compton-Smith -The Current Magazine”

Christy Compton Smith - The Currentland Mag

“The juggernaut that has become Chuk Cooley & the Demon Hammers, Tulsa's hard rock giant.-G.K. HIZER”

“Chuk Cooley-Born and bred in Texas, He is a Tulsan now,serving as the front man for his band the Demon Hammers.This stage-loving bad boy has the street-wise to match his rough & tough persona, & the talent & drive to translate his hard-knock life of addiction & prison into melodic tunes. Survival of the fittest keeps Cooley rising to the top to continue his metal-head legacy.-Joe Wertz”

“Chuk Cooley winner of the Biggest Ego Award at the Absolute Best of Tulsa Awards 2011”

“Nominated Band of the Year at the ABoT Music Awards 2011”

“This band is the epitome of local rock stars on a homegrown landscape. ”

“Nominated Best Live Band at the ABoT Music Awards 2011”

“Cooley's stage presence is that of a preacher with an all-too-intimate knowledge of the fires and brimstone of hell. He has survived years of incarceration and drug abuse only to rise above and preach positivity and redemption in a manner only a sinner could.”

“Nominated Best Metal Band at the ABoT Music awards 2011”

“~CCDH~ has a sound and this is what it is dark,heavy,southern groove rock. It's REAL,and from the heart,with deeply emotionally lyrics and driving rhythms that take a firm hold of you and do not let you forget it. - Shaun Moffet /Tulsa World/the Current/Okie Load ”

Shaun Moffet - Okie Load

“Chrisroq calls Chuk Cooley and the Demon Hammers the epitomy of clasic rock anew....way ahead in the revival...if the South does rise again Chuk and co. will surley be leading the charge...the chrisroq blogs”

Chrisroq - the Chrisroq blogs





"This band in it's own right have become the GODS of the Tulsa rock and roll genre for the ages."

“Nominated for Song of the Year for “Moving Mountians" at the ABoT Music Awards 2010”

“Theres not many shows that I go to that a band makes a big impression on me.It was like HOLY SHIT they're good Experienced!”

“Nominated for Album of the Year for "Born Rebels" at the ABoT Music Awards 2010”

"The music here on Born Rebels is fun,imagintive and filled with life-belonging in a smoky wayside joint or a rowdy biker bar,The acoustic strums,keys and flute(yes!) beg to be witnessed live." - MB LIT Monthly DFW Texas for "Born Rebels"CD Review

“Nominated for Band of the Year at the ABoT Music Awards 2010, ”

“Nominated for Best Live Performance at the ABoT Music Awards 2010, ”

“Weaves a tale of Rebellion,Redemption & Revitalization,If you have not had the oppurtunity to catch these rising stars I strongly recommend you do.”

“Nominated for Best Metal/hardrock band at the ABoT Music Awards 2010”

“Chuk Cooley is Tulsa's Best Kept Rock-n-Roll Secret and a Tulsa Local Legend.”

“WINNER Best Hard Rock Band at the Absoulute Best of Tulsa Music Awards 2009.”

“Winner for Best Music Video at the Bare Bones Film Festival 2009 for their "Black Jarr" video”

“Winner for Best Music Video at the Script to Screen International Film Festival 2008 for their "The Lost " video”

“Nominated for Best Male Vocalist at the Abosolute Best of Tulsa Music Awards 2009”

“There have been many times that I wanted to yell a "Preach on Brother Chuk!" or "Lawd, yes, tell it! Tell it!" at a CCDH concert, lol. Chuk is a minister to the masses of unwashed, unloved, beat down, rejected and toxically infected..., bringing the Light of Love and Hope and of Faith in something more and something better than what they can see today. An Injection of Inspiration to overcome their own adversity by clinging to the fact that Chuk was once in the same position, face down, nose full of dirt and restriction. And God Bless him for being Honest. And God bless him for saying at every show "Just in case you haven't had someone tell you today, Chuk Cooley and the Demon Hammers fukin love you!" A CCDH show is church, and rock n roll, and party rolled into one. But I think that is what heaven is like anyway”

Traci Beagle-Sawyer - FANS comment on facebook