Chuck Schaeffer Band / Press

"That Schaeffer Snizzle rocks my Bizzle!!!"

John Summersell/PR Diector and A&R at The Rioters/UK - Planet Zykotica

“.ohhhh Chuck...!!! Try A Little Gray is ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS...!!! this is the message i LIVE BY....and your song here brings tears to my eyes to hear it so beautifully expressed...!! i will pin this post for today...so i can listen again and again...”

"Chuck Schaeffer takes a great solo".

“You are f**king awesome. Absolutely rocks. Incredible guitar. Awesome!”

“Dutch reviewer says "Chuck Schaeffer's guitar playing is "razor sharp", his songs are crafted "from the heart" and his solos reach "an absolute climax".”

"The Sound of the Chameleon" EP is "sonic magic", "captivates and mystifies", and "slams it out of the park"

"Rock me Chuck Schaeffer...rock me with your awesome sound!"

"Try A Little Gray" YouTube video breaks 1000 plays and goes viral."

"Try A Little Gray" is "absolutely lovely".

"Chuck Schaeffer is one of the greatest guitarists I've ever known. Chuck Schaeffer Band is first rate, his soul is true and that truth speaks volumes with every listen."

"Insomnia Blues", CSB's hit YouTube video breaks 3200 plays and goes viral!

"Top tunes...flying guitars!"