Chuck Paul / Press

“Very nice. I buy all your songs and then Get Away from here to paradise :-) ...watt is light....REVERBNATION”


“Chuck....Such A Day....you could turn Any bad day around. Beautiful, smooth voice, fab-tastic guitar. Absolute serenity/Joe”

Joe- streetmusician - Reverbnation

“get away-- crisply defined lyric/rhythm line that defines the genre with evocative poetry that takes life with a grain of salt, grace and an understated sweet directness. Luv it.”

David Namerow - Reverbnation

“Dang son - that's some serious playing! Great lyrics - Absolutely LOVE Get Away!!!!! Listen up everyone who comes to this page - guitars nice mix of Garcia/Grisman and other fabulous pickers. Excellent voice too! All the best - tPA”

poetry assassins - reverbnation

“Hey Chuck, Where to start here...This music is so rich with everything that makes a great song great. And you've done it over, and over, and over again. Lyrics...clever, touching, revealing, direct, humerous, inspirational. Music...delicious with melodies, counter melodies, on-point harmonies, unique arrangements and production, and some out 'n out brilliant musicianship. (Great intro chording panned left on "Avenging Angels"... the surprise diminished in "Let Love Rain"... and on...and on.) Each song holds its own unique surprises...couldn't wait to get to the next one. Whether its the lyric, the music, or both, you've got the rare ability to draw the listener in...and hold them there. Absolutely...fantastic music.”

Gary Nanninni - reverbnation

“I'd Rather Be Down” gives me a similar feel as the more low key parts of the song “I’m The Only One” by Melissa Ethridge on the musical/non-vocal side…”Wasted” tugs at the heartstrings quite powerfully….”Nickel Mines (seed of faith) is so inspirational & gently descends on you, like a soft cashmere sweater being wrapped around your shoulders….awesome music”

Marcus Dahhhling - reverbnation

“Hi Chuck! interesting, introspective stuff here. Quite a range of styles and influences across the board. "Selah" stands on its own as an quality instrumental. It has that dynamic, melodic, swelling and soaring quality, but I couldn't help but wonder if you had ever considered adding lyrics to it? Loved the jazzy Django Reinhardt feel to "I Don't Need A New Car" Solid work all around!”

steve choate - reverbnation