Chuck Ochs / Press

“The blues sessions are led by veteran bluesman and audio engineer Chuck Ochs, who has led a half-dozen open-mike jams across the area. The East Bridgewater resident has a special interest in pre-World War II blues, Running said. “He knows more about that than anybody I’ve ever spoken to,” he said. Ochs, who plays the five-string banjo, blues mandolin, and autoharp in addition to electric and acoustic guitar, and also repairs instruments, says the blues sessions “change each time. You never know who will show up,” noting that they typically draw 20 to 25 people, though not all play.”

“The blues session is led by local blues musician Chuck Ochs, who organizes blues jams for various area groups. His expertise is prewar acoustic blues, “but he can play anything,’’ Running said. The fall blues session took place last week. The next scheduled one is Feb 29. ”