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“COLLEGE OF MEDICINE TO COLLABORATE WITH PROMEDICA IN NEW RESEARCH CENTER. Dr. F. Charles Brunicardi, chair of surgery in the College of Medicine and Life Sciences, will serve as a co-medical director of the Scientific Advisory Group”

“SURGEON NAMED DIRECTOR OF CANCER PROGRAM - With nearly 30 years of experience in cancer-related care, it comes as no surprise that Dr. F. Charles Brunicardi has been named director of the cancer program in the College of Medicine and Life Sciences. This administrative role oversees the coordination of the three key components of the cancer program — clinical, education and research studies in affiliation with ProMedica.”


“Repeat guest, accomplished surgeon and Pulitzer prize nominee Dr. Charles Brunicardi joins BTK once again to discuss his exceptional background. Dr. Brunicardi talks on how he balanced the world of medicine and still pursued his other passion of musical art and acting! He dives into his current research on genomics, tips and tricks on pancreatic mass enucleation, and how music still changes his life. Dr. Brunicardi is an intriguing man and great speaker. We hope you enjoy! John - July 17, 2016”

“Los Angeles Magazine - TOP DOCTORS - Dr. F. Charles Brunicardi. January 2016 issue. Castle Connolly award by peers.”

“Lap Chole video by THE Dr. Chuck Brunicardi free 1 week. New @Access Surgery on twitter for McGraw Hill Education and McGraw Hill Medical. Dr. Brunicardi is Chief Editor of #1 worldwide surgical textbook "Schwartz's Principles of Surgery".”

““Hollywood's Top Doctors 2015: Surgery - F. Charles Brunicardi UCLA Health System 1304 15 St. Santa Monica 90404” Issue - August 27, 2015”

"Top Cancer Doctors 2015 - July 31 Issue: F Charles Brunicardi, MD/PhD Endocrine Surgery, Pancreatic Cancer, Pancreatic Islet Cell Transplant UCLA, Surgery Dept. Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center and Orthopaedic Hospital."


"Palisadian Dr. Charles Brunicardi recently received the 2015 award for "Outstanding Physician Colleague of the Year". "The nurses are the people that really, truly take care of the patients and it's very important we [doctors] have a wonderful collaborative relationship with the nurses." Brunicardi also loves music and about 18 months ago completed his own original folk/country album, "Where Sunset Meets The Beach" which was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in Music."

"Former executive producer of ABC's Good Morning America, Shelley Ross, has been named president of The Cure Alliance it was announced today by Dr. Camillo Ricordi. "Dr. Charles Brunicardi joins the board of directors of The Cure Alliance as secretary." The new board will also unveil a new website www.thecurealliance.org with latest news plus an interactive page, Act Now."

"NewUSB Radio Presents" Profiling Chuck Brunicardi on NEWUSB.CO.UK - The best of worldwide Indie & Unsigned Artists and Bands. "Good day friends! A great privilege to be a part of the NewUSB Community.Happy to announce my first debut album is now available: http://ChuckBrunicardi.com and ITunes. It's where Jersey Shore Sound meets Nashvile Sound to create the Palisades Sound." Published April 6, 2015

"LadyLake Music Indie Awards - Top Ten Independent Artists of 2014 presents the winners of our 2014 annual indie awards, celebrating excellence in independent music. #2 - Chuck Brunicardi - Where Sunset Meets The Beach. Shades of Simon & Garfunkel on this lyrically rich collection with outstanding tracks 'Roland' and 'Do Not Stand'. The funky 'Waiting For Mail' will have you jiving along. A favorite track here is 'Hawaii' which starts off slowly, then evolves into a lush tropical chorus. Very highly recommended."

““The Intersection of Medicine and Music” featured a presentation by Dr. Brunicardi on innovative trends in personalized surgery. The evening also included music from Dr. Brunicardi’s CD, Where Sunset Meets the Beach.”

“Hollywood's Top Doctors Revealed: Exclusive Survey... Surgery : F. Charles Brunicardi UCLA Health System 1304 15 St. Santa Monica 90404”


"He is perhaps the only person who has or ever will have created both a book about surgery and songs about the beach on iTunes. A CD from a Notable MD. Can a world-class surgeon become a world-famous musician? F. Charles Brunicardi, MD ’80, is on his way with a new CD of songs."

"F: Along with your career as a doctor, you have also had a very successful musical career as a composer and a folk singer. You have even performed at the Cambridge Folk Festival in 1978. What is the connection between music and Medicine? CB: Very good [laughs]! It’s a wonderful connection. There is something magical about the artform of the popular music"

"he recently was named the Moss Foundation Chair of Gastrointestinal and Personalized Surgery. Being named to that particular chair highlights an intriguing merger of his enthusiasms; Jerry Moss, who with his wife Ann endowed the chair, is the “M” in the legendary A&M Records, which recorded some of Dr. Brunicardi’s favorite artists, including Cat Stevens and Joan Baez. “Of all the chairs for me to get, I can’t describe how deeply honored and thrilled I was to get the Moss Foundation Chair,” Dr. Brunicardi says. “They didn’t know about my interest in music and I think were surprised to learn that all of my favorite artists were with A&M Records.”

"A Master of Music and Medicine. For most mere mortals the chances of becoming a surgeon are slim at best. The chances of landing a record deal are even more minute. The chances of doing both? Impossible. Unless you’re Chuck Brunicardi – country/folk singer and Chief of General surgery at UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica."

““Music and medicine are both creative processes,” said Brunicardi, who, when he isn’t penning and performing songs as “Chuck Brunicardi,” is editor-in-chief of the world’s leading general-surgery text, Schwartz’s Principles of Surgery. “In medicine, especially if you are doing research, you are discovering new knowledge and putting together a story, just like you would when writing a song.””

"An OR nurse who heard Dr. Brunicardi’s music on the website ReverbNation, introduced him to her husband, Mark Dearnley, a sound engineer for the likes of Paul McCartney, AC/DC and Jewel. Dearnley was impressed, and he helped Dr. Brunicardi assemble an album of his 12 best songs. This summer, they spent two days in Nashville with some top studio musicians recording Where Sunset Meets the Beach." That heady experience, however, didn’t have much time to linger. On his return from the recording session, Dr. Brunicardi went straight from the airport to the hospital to perform a colon resection."

“Rock and Roll Reunion at Chester's Place: " It was here that Hopkins student bands The Reason, Ocean Rose, Rodeo Rick, and Zumbuzi first played to crowds of screaming friends and fans." Note: Chuck was a former member of band: Rodeo Rick and played for the Alumni Reunion”

“Local surgeon-scientist teaches students to “have a dream”. "At a Santa Monica College lecture on April 5, surgeon and UCLA professor Dr. F. Charles Brunicardi told King’s story in the context of leadership principles, but angled the ideologies in a way that would relate to the student crowd. “You can teach leadership if you start with fundamental principles,” Brunicardi said during the lecture. “I think it’s like teaching music and teaching sports. If you break it down to fundamental principles and you teach it, and a person practices it, they will get better at it.””

" iReport — Newusb: Home of the Unsigned and Independent Musician This is the only station that really plays Only Independent Unsigned Musicians, Located in Manchester UK, his owner Raymond Rowe - Really goes the extra mile to assist independent musicians. # 3 from USA with the song Hearthbeat – Chuck Brunicardi "