Chubby Carrier and the Bayou Swamp Band / Press

“Chubby Carrier’s brand of stew is designed to tickle the eardrums and kick up the feet”

Springfield Newsleader

“If you have the slightest amount of warm blood running through your veins then your heart has gotta start thumping a little harder and your feet has gotta start moving a bit faster when you hear those crazy rhythms”

The Current

“Chubby Carrier and the Bayou Swamp Band truly orchestrate the best stage show of any zydeco band in the land”


“He (Carrier) brings a party, he invites you into it and he hopes you have a good time”

North Liberty Ragbrai

“A zydeco legend”

Kingsport Times News


St Louis Post Dispatch

“When it comes to the Louisiana music called zydeco, there’s no musician with a better pedigree than Chubby Carrier”

St Louis Best Bets

“a festival favorite”

The Gleaner

“unbridled enthusiasm”

The Capital Journal

“concertgoers kick up a storm dancing”

Virgin Islands Daily News

“explosive funky brand of zydeco”

Kingsport Times-News

“blazingly refreshing and expertly played”

Living Blues Magazine

““best job ever””

Offbeat Magazine


The Advertiser

““zesty Creole concoction of rock, soul, gospel and R& B””

Northwest Arkansas Times

““high energy dance party””

The Morning News

““no one is left sitting in their chairs””

Free Weekly

““upbeat and fun””

Toledo Free Press

““Carrier is one of (zydeco’s) more irrepressible ambassadors.””

San Antonio Current

““zydeco that grabs people””

The Post and Courier

““passionate, relentlessly upbeat, infectious brand of zydeco””

Bucks County Courier Times

““charisma and energy””

Lake Sun

““sound as spicy as a pot of jambalaya and as sweet as a strawberry beignet””

LJ World

““zydeco’s consummate party host””

Offbeat Magazine

““Cut Chubby Carrier and he bleeds glossy metallic shades of purple, green and gold.””


““contagious party sound””


““Musical Exuberance””

Sentinel Tribune

““Wow, what a party!””

Kansas City Blues News

““one of zydeco’s most invigorating original performers.””

Music Mag