CHROOL / Press

“Can't get enough of your flow. Ur bars are so precise; wish more MC's rhymed like this. U should've been in The Art of Rap.”

“RE: KILLUMINATI - "So Clever, Amazing Job, Love it!!!!!"”

Zira422000 - SoundCloud

"Like Ur style; "Just Barz" and "Through My Mind" stand out. Dug the gun cocks between rhymes on "Break Away Barz", too."

geniusrap.com aka @genius_rap - Twitter

“RE: THE CHROOL WAY - " This song is ill as fuck!! Real recognize real always"”


“RE: WHERE WERE YOU?? - "These are the best lyrics i heard this year!!"”

POP E - SoundCloud

“RE: KILLUMINATI - "This is amazing bro. Im in a rap crew named Killuminati, u should join. The alternative name is NBE new breed of emcee."”

FadeawayMusic - SoundCloud

“RE: B.O.E -"Lyrics sound good"”

TioLoke - SoundCloud

“A new favorite CHROOL - I'M TIRED!!”

Chinasty aka @Chinasty_Mbb - Twitter

“@CHROOL211 Spittin' flames! "Too many rappers , not enough MCs" YO! #AllDope #AllMusic #AllWork. Hala Baq”

Tremor Def aka @Caiu87 - Twitter


Mr.Wesside aka @swaggafornia - Twitter

“I would love to get you booked!”

Amy Cordy - Afton, LLC

“Chrool got that FIRE!!!”

“RE:CLOSE YOUR EYES "dis shit r8 here is some trill ass shit ya digg im all on dis fa real"”

NiteKwralah Lyrical Menace - Facebook

"Microphone Check iz a Bad ass song!!"

Leeholly Ratliff - Facebook