Chronological Injustice / Press

“Chronological Injustice lays the groove on heavy on A Collection of Atrocities. In fact, you’ll be hard-pressed to get through these 5 tracks without cracking a very metal smile to your face at least once per song. The punishing groove works off of the often catchy, melodic framework quite well. Sizzling leadwork sets the tone (outside of the massive groove) and it’s hard not to be impressed by the guitar work if you weren’t so busy tapping your feet. You can hear flashes of Pantera, Soilwork, and even a little Revocation coming through the speakers, though it’s put together in a more unique and interesting way than you might imagine. Considering the stunning ages of the band members when Chronological Injustice was put together, you can expect big things moving forward.”

“I believe I stumbled upon the side-project Phil Anselmo wishes he was in. Groove metal goes to ambitious lengths to turn into an eccentric and even more possibility-filled genre than it has been in a pretty effin' long time when everybody's ''too busy trying to be PANTERA'', as Rex said it so well a couple seconds ago, for the trillionth time. These guys? Nah- they don't care about imitating. They twist and bend the rules while keeping the influence alive. Fire, baby.”

“Show Review: The Branx - January 5th: Blood Magic, The Entity, Chronological Injustice and Ocean of Mirrors; Chronological Injustice was next and let me tell you…if you were not pumped and inspired while watching this band, then something is seriously wrong with you. This band will go far. The talent on the stage hits you so hard that you are wheeling to catch your breath. Despite the fact that the band members range in age from 14-16, they play like seasoned metal veterans.”

“Chronological Injustice: When you think of teen bands, what usually comes to mind is loud, obnoxious nonsense that assaults the senses and leaves you wondering why you paid the price of admission in the first place. However, in the case of a band like Chronological Injustice, that is not the way things are at all. The talent that these young men possess is way beyond their years and leaves a veteran performer like myself wondering where devoted musicians (like them) were when I was in high school. With youth on their side, they have taken the NW music scene by storm and continue to "wow" audiences with their outrageous stage shows and musical passion. Members include Gunnar DuGrey, Gage Dean, Bobby Rosson and Nathan Nielson. For samples of their extraordinary musical ability, you can check them out at Reverbnation or Facebook. For booking, email: darrelrichardson60@yahoo.com”

“I didn't know what to expect when I first came across Chronological Injustice; after listening to Amor De Rey, I was hooked straight away. I didn't need to listen to anything else to believe that Gunnar's ability to create such a swarm of distinct, conquering riffs in a single song give him his own distinct sound - which propels him past an untold number of bands backed by high profile labels. His technical fury and the band's ability to up the ante with each song, pushing the pace at all moments, brings a new level of energy with each track which absolutely melts your face off. Huge, conquering riffs and technical fury. I'm a fan and I am not easy to please.”