Chris Weis Band / Press

““The Chris Weis Band is a hot new Christian Country group with a fresh new sound. What a great addition to Christian Country music. This CD is a must have to any music library. You won’t be disappointed”! Marty Smith Today’s Cross Country”

“Your music is a beautiful gift to God and the world! Thanks for being our friend and supporting our ministry.”

BJ Collins - Facebook

“You need to hear this voice...”

“Another really good evening in the Upper Room. Chris Weisinger was awesome. I am not the biggest country music guy but I absolutely enjoyed your songs and the worship was wonderful. Just wanted to brag on our students a little...Chris said that you guys and gals may be the best group he has ever played for especially during worship. He also said we have a very special group... Nathan Clinkscales said pretty much the same thing to me last week. He was amazed at the way you were so attentive and how you encouraged each other and how you worshiped. Again he said you guys were amazing!...”

“A Great Friend with a Fantastic Talent just finished an Album. When He sings you will fill the love he has for the Lord. He is soulful, and when he sings he will draw you in with his words of honesty. You are going feel a sense of peacefulness. I WANT TO SHARE HIS MUSIC. His name is Chris Weis and he is an Amazing Musician and Songwriter. ENJOY!!!”