Chris Walker Band / Press

"It says a lot about Chris Walker that his band were the first band to be snapped up by one our BluesRockfest set sponsors... CWB stepped up to the plate and delivered... If one guy embodied what BluesRockfest is all about then that was Chris Walker."

“...A wonderful collective of superb musicians... If you see The Chris Walker Band advertised for a gig, go see them, well worth the experience"”

“A superb night of southern rock and blues. The Chris Walker Band were supporting and played for 45mins. Chris and his band hit the boards hard & running from start to finish, with such classic tracks as Just Got Paid and Going Down (Freddie King), not to mention his own tunes such as Floor it, which stand up equal to any cover songs. If you get the chance to see Chris and his band play don't miss out. Great musicians, great music... all adds up to a great night out!”

The General Henry's (Venue)

“Magnificent live”

“Go ahead kids, try this at home! I dare you, I double-dog dare you! This is the power of knowing how to make your instruments talk, sing, and tell a story all without uttering a solitary syllable. One last thought... and this one is directed to Activision. THIS is what NEEDS to be in Guitar Hero!”

Bob Marino - Official FN Radio

“Chris Walker is a guitarist with a touch that brings to mind Stevie Ray Vaughan, Carlos Santana and Gary Moore. The Pine Cone Incident has a blues-rock pulse, but an effusively melodic and slightly soulful touch. Surprisingly it’s not at all self-indulgent, and is rather entertaining.”

Malcolm Dome - Classic Rock Magazine

“An Interview with Chris Walker, Tommy Bluestreetcar and Theresa Wilkeson Baxter Porter....”