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“Chris Walker formed his own band (Chris Walker Band) and performed at Sarasota-area nightclubs when he was 13 years old, having acquired a guitar at age 12. That’s also when he began writing and recording his own music. Since then, Walker amassed a 70-song library, attaining sponsorship by Player Built Guitars, collaborating and touring with multiple ensembles (including a 13-piece show band) and continually resurrecting the CWB in various formations. While attending USF in Tampa a few years ago, Walker found that his bookings frequently emanated from Lakeland — even after he returned to Englewood — so he relocated there permanently last May. Walker believes music “should be experienced in a new way” at each performance, manifesting that at CWB performances by transforming songs from the recorded versions, jam-band-style. Shortly after they got together, CWB recorded nine songs plus an intro track (all composed/produced by Walker) onto its self-titled debut CD, revealed on”

“When Chris Walker sees music on a page, he sees colors. With an arsenal of guitars at his disposal, Walker paints a picture in your mind with every note he plays. The Chris Walker Band is preparing to release its first full-length album, and Walker said he's very proud of it. Walker uses the album as a platform to demonstrate his technical versatility and talents as a blues-influenced rock guitarist. Since beginning to play in front of crowds at age 13, Walker has developed a true following of supporters who want him to succeed and make it as a musician. Walker performed more than 250 shows in 2011, ranging from cover songs at restaurants to all-original work at the Polk Theatre. He was the opening act during the 2011 "Rocky Horror Picture Show" at the Polk Theatre and said he had the crowd wanting more. The album-release party will be at Preservation Hall in Downtown Lakeland on April 20. ”

"Chris Walker is in a class of his own...he is a musical talent evocative of Hendrix"

“I wanna play it again, I'm loving it...Dude - that was wicked.”

. Big Poppa G - VRadio host - www.indievtv.com

"Refined yet raw, Chris Walker rivets audiences with his guitar prowess."

Aaron Oberlin - Tampa Tribune

"His music is pure, wonderfully creative, and alive with the energy that true young talents possess. It is really an amazing and entertaining show to watch Walker do his thing. At 24 years of age, he's one of the most talented young musicians in the center of Florida."

Jeff Clements - Focus Magazine