Chris Tso / Press

"Checking out your tracks...I like how your sound is your own...really nice work!"

Steven Michael Studios - Reverbnation

“Really enjoy the catchy rock you are putting on ReverbNation. Reminds me a bit of Loverboy and Rick Sringfield , but only in feel, not in sound. Thats all yours. Good music and vocs. Keep rocking. ”

scott m, miserable end - Reverbnation

“Strong songs that stay with me. I find myself humming them, which is a good sign.”

Dan Ripkin - Music Now

“Tight hook-laden tunes with great vocals and some phenomenal guitar work.Diverse set that really deserves a listen!”

Rick Frost - ReverbNation

"Post spandex and see through guitars it's good to see Chris writing and performing again."

John Bottoms - NYC Underground