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“Attention fans of blistering NYC rock and roll. Blockhouses has some really exciting news to share with all of you. The band will be setting up camp at Kawari Sound in Philly in early February to record a brand new album. Pete Donnelly of The Figgs (NRBQ, Shelby Lynne, Soul Asylum) will be pushing knobs and buttons as producer. The tentative release date for the new Blockhouses album will be Spring of 2016. No title as of yet. Can’t wait to get your Blockhouses fix? Then check out the bands YouTube page with live performances from the bands last tour: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAyqkYKUpbs&list=PLJMzy_YEVaeIIu-0tB1KNaWgS0nYOyZvD”

“A fantastic bit of ass-kicking rock and roll from Blockhouses!”

“Blockhouses just released a new single, "One More Time To Get Home" b/w "Little Sweetie". It's actually the New York City trio's third single this year, and of course it's totally killer! A band named after a fort should be rock solid, and that's clearly the point. This single delivers that perfect blend of muscular guitars and catchy melodies on a pair of high quality tracks ... an absolutely dynamite band. Check out all of Blockhouses' singles over at their Bandcamp - and let's hope for more from this band in 2015!”

“5/5 STARS”

“Blockhouses is a trio from New York City with bare-bones, lo-fi blistering pop-punk. There won't be a more rock 'n' roll party.”

“Best of 2014 ~ Top 15 Shows”

“With a batch of new tunes — and a stable of old classics — Guy Lyons formed Blockhouses in 2013 with bassist Christopher Peifer. New drummer Jim Balga rounds out the lineup. The guys share a mutual love for bare-bones rock and roll — from the Ramones to the blistering pop-punk of today.”

“With a new album and a new band, Stephen Clair & The Millionaires served up pointed, personal, powerful tunes ... while bassist Christopher Peifer (who you may also know as the bass man with Blockhouses) was thrumming up a storm.”

“These guys boast national-caliber talent.”

“Spirited, persuasive playing, especially on the horn-filled "Night Flies", the piano-driven killer "Secrets and Whispers" ... this debut is high-energy, soul-infected music you can go wild to.”

“I went home, put this LP on the Victrola, and was in rock 'n' roll ecstasy enjoying the best new Stones album the Stones never made. Jaggerian jaggings with L.E.S. track marks murking up the madness makes for some serious hot, cool shit.”

“Tight as a vintage Robert Mitchum noir thriller. Same sorta swagger and cocksure deliverance. Timeless. Another Saturday Night’s debut album is your ticket to gut level decadent rock’n’roll that actually oozes with cojones and heart.”

“Whiskey scented riffs, as if from the breath of Keith Richards … a more than recommendable record for Saturday nights.”

“These songs are sassy full of bare knuckle truth. Like a locked groove record, rock and/or roll will never stop... The beast is too unruly now, it can only be shuffled around and kept at bay, but with band like Another Saturday Night you can hear an example of how the battle still rages.”

Neus Subjex (Cincinnati)

“... pure American rock n roll, maybe typically New York if you're listening to the Dolls or the Fleshtones. The songwriting is also timeless, simple, raw and energetic Garage Rock with bg vocals, just like you want it ... these songs whet your appetite for more.”

Flying Revolver (Germany) - Flying Revolver (Germany)

“New York’s Slow Gold Zebra label sent us a whole bundle of vinyl joy this issue ... offered a comforting indication that there’s still some sleaze strung out on the streets of the cleaned up Big Apple.”

7" Round-up - Bubblegum Slut (UK)

"Seven inches of vinyl ... Another Saturday Night's latest bar room rocker ... Howlin' guitars and steady rollin' tunes. Grab a PBR and bring on the night."

Starr Tucker - NY Waste

"Rolling Stones jangle and swagger. Think "Brown Sugar."

Kristen K - Razorcake

"Best of 2008 / 2010"


“Gorgeous Machines are ahead of the wannabe Californian desert rock posers, they share the warm, relaxing tones of Yawning Man. The Brooklyn quartet’s debut is likely to be filled alongside the tags of ‘cinematic desert grooves’, as each track is dunked in reverb and delay, while each riff is carefully crafted – cyclical and massaged.”

"Curiously potent"

TimeOut NY - TimeOut NY

“NYC's Heavy Creatures have developed their own special blend of organic rock reliant on viscous grooves and a sweeping ethereal spirit showcased on the quartet's latest eight-track excursion, The Cymbal and the Skull ...”

“The music ... is heavy. It chuggs along beneath grandly gesturing keyboard and guitar lines while toying with the blues and psychedelic music so cleverly you're hard pressed to assign them a genre. These creatures understand the meaning of "momentum" and "build" and "crescendo" so well ...”

“I've been really digging this band Heavy Creatures lately. I love their artwork, I love their taste in guitars, I love the sound of their records, but most of all, I LOVE their songs.”

“These guys had my head bobbin' and toe tappin' as they tore through an assemblage of nifty little riffs, plus their bassist (Christopher Peifer) was popping off some supercool John Paul Jones-esque melodies pretty much the whole way through ...”

“Through frequent tempo changes, they challenge their audience while insistently commanding their attention at the same time. Fans can look forward to seeing them as more of a presence on the music scene this year.”

“NYC's SIR take the power of punk and the glitz of Queen and come up with a potpourri of rock music chock full o' sass and attitude. This 12 track CD includes some kick ass originals with some off beat covers to create a really solid offering.”

“... a hazy Delta / sexy blue vibe ... The trebly attack of the vocals on this disc is really fucking great ... I want more. (Luxurious Faux Furs "Open Marriage" 7" review, recorded by CP @ GaragelandNYC)”

“Dark Hollow adds a Southern Appalachian twang and an infusion of traditional mountain music performed by supremely skilled musicians ... with music direction by Christopher Peifer and performed by a disciplined and talented cast, the sure, deliberate pace accretes the palpable inevitability of a classic tragedy of grave consequence. It's a stunning and serious pleasure.”

“A plethora of haunting songs that are steeped in a willful acceptance of death and futility ... carry deep wellsprings of strength and darkness that the play discovers through a well-controlled atmospheric staging.”

“This production does claim a stirring bluegrass band and a song list drawing on terrific traditional ballads, and original ones, by Elizabeth Chaney and Christopher Peifer.”

“On the dimly lit stage of Theatre 80, a band of folk musicians dives into traditional gospel song “John the Revelator” while a hellfire-and-brimstone baptism takes place ... this dark social commentary is best expressed through the use of American roots music scattered throughout the drama, including spiritual-style songs and traditional(s).”

“Great songs; harsh, witty lyrics. Good production and package. Unique and highly recommended.”

Indie Output

“Now this is original stuff. Lorijean Kreussling sings with an eerie Sinead O’Connor-like vengeance, and mood-swing grooves are nailed down by drummer Jamie Barbarotta and bassman Christopher Peifer.”

The New Times (Indianapolis)

“A dreamy blend of poetry and art-pop composed by George Snow, this “concept” follow-up to the 1988 debut retains the unique skew which made the first record both charming and disturbing. Smart, cynical lyrics, theatrical arrangements and show-stopping vox make for a hugely entertaining and intellectually exciting album. Bravo!”

The Musicians’ Exchange

“Frances Farmer My Hero: a band that breaks out of the mold of the many categories of today’s music. Conventionally deviant thinkers, non-conformists and anyone else who is bored with “the usual” will be entertained.”

Adam Barbasso - Good Times (LI, NY)

“It’s almost impossible to confine the music of FFMH to any one stylistic category. One thing all these tracks do have in common is a great sense of movement, whether it’s an ambient wash, a funky rap or a techno rave. Another thing they all have in common is a great sense of originality. There is a freshness to all this material no matter what genre it’s aimed at. You may not like every track, but you’re almost guaranteed to love some.”

JS - The Musicians’ Exchange