Christine Salazar / Press

"Salazar's voice is confident and heartfelt, with a slightly jazzy tilt to lyrical presentation and a sweet alto flavor that I found relaxing and intriguing... [On to Something] is a well crafted peek at the emergence of an artist who undoubtedly is possessed of buckets of talent and the potential to grow into a dynamic musical maturity."

"Salazar has a wonderful smooth, lyric alto voice. There's an interesting juxtaposition of warmth and distance in her sound; a classic singer/storyteller sound reminiscent of Shawn Colvin or Denise Culhane...Christine Salazar [is] poised on the precipice of heartbreak. Even her lighter moments are often cast against the backdrop of fatalistic intentions or moods. She nearly slips over the edge at the close, but holds on much as she has throughout the album; by her fingertips. On To Something is an intriguing experience, from the darkness of Salazar's songs to the vibrant warmth and quiet reserve of her voice."