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“Winner Best song/Category Dance Electronica/Song Dancing all the Night 'Reminiscent of top 80's dance grooves, but with modern production, this song's timeless beat and inspirational vibe compel you to move.' - See more at: http://www.theakademia.com/dance_electronica_best_song_october_2013_awards#sthash.UoGowRUl.dpuf”

"The UK Songwriting directors and judges include some of the world's top Grammy, Emmy and BRIT Award winning producers who have worked closely with such artists as Sting, Paul McCartney, Elton John, Kylie Minogue, Robbie Williams, Oasis, Britney Spears and many others. There were more than 5,000 entries this year and we are pleased that Christine Rose achieved such impressive results in this years event and wish Christine Rose every success in the future as a songwriter". The UK Songwriting Contest organizers http://www.uksongwritingcontest.com/

“I have the opportunity to listen to Christine Rose song, and is my opinion, that she has a great voice and is a talented Independent artist, good recording, produced and mixed. - Let Me Chant : Great line and structure, with a nice combination of sounds nice percussion , very enjoyable and easy to listen, with a nice rhythm, The nice an suitable voice of Christine flow easy with the music, The harmonies are just in the right place, the balance on this melody is perfect and steady, the excellent voice of Christine give this song the special touch to be a hit well tune, full of feeling and passion, passing to the listener the message just as it suppose to be. This song has everything that a hit needs to become a hit and this song needs to be part of any music library. Great productions and great recording. Any Music Lover needs to add this song to their play list! This song is playing at Newusb, and is at the station rotation play list set it up for request buy our listeners...”

“Just Listened to "Dreams"The Album by Christine Rose (Songwriter, music writer, singer, writer,philanthropist} and Truly Fell in Love with Her Smooth Delivery & The Passion In Her Voice ... Her Sound is very Unique ... in Her Own WORDS...”


“Straight up 10 *** Love these mournful, jubilant chords of modern R&B. Very soulful vocal delivery. AP needs more works like these, Chris ! Gospel tandem of grand piano and organ is sublime indeed. It all begins with a cool song. Pro sound and structure. I know it's not easy to kick out joints like these but, more, please. = ) - Dave”

Tune Baby - AcidPlanet

“Some amazing vocal talent in this. I am damn glad I found your page. This song is excellent in both entertaining and production quality. 10 from me. Timmer”

BLU3Collar - AcidPlanet

“A really good sounding R&B record you got here with some lovely vocals, too! Some really nice harmonies, and a very uplifting song which is just what the doctor ordered indeed! VME! Man of Clay You got a new fan here. Welcome to Acid Planet. It's the best interactive music site in the world, and I'm sure you'll build a good fan base here. Best wishes! Clay Wilson”

Clayton Brian Wilson Fusician - AcidPlanet

“In my little world I'm hearing a lovely voice which reminds me of the lovely Lisa Stansfield, singing soulfully into a lovely listener's sore ears, soothing and reassuring the void within. Very nice too, I only wish more of us could sing like you can. Quite beautiful. A deserved ten from my lovely side pocket.”

AcidPlanet - Consider it shined! emperor jones

“the first beats of that kit drew me straight in, then those vocals.......wow,...the arrangement is just a delight and the sound production is spot on, i could listen to this over and over again,.....a song for lovers that oozes quality..........playlisted ( thanks )....................wAL”

Bloo - Acidplanet

“Christine Rose is that rare artist indeed. She has performed as part of a band and as a Solo artist. Her music is a refreshing blend of warmth and smokiness intertwined with R&B/Pop melodies. She possesses a rich voice reminiscent of the great singers Cece Penistion and Annie Lennox at times. However her smoky voice is uniquely all Christine. There is a purity and sincerity in her singing that can be felt. Her music has an uplifting, light quality found in “Gonna Make You Shine” and “I Wanna Sing Your Praise”-the listener feels as if she is singing directly to you and wants to bring joy to you personally. At other times, you feel the emotion and her love for humanity in her song “If You Need Me.” There is a good balance of slower and up-tempo tunes on her CD. You must have a listen to this lovely artist. Not only does she spread love through her music, I can honestly say she is one is the kindest and most generous people I have ever known....”