Christine Plays Viola / Press

“An album of gradual changes then, and all of them wonderful.”

“‘Innocent Awareness’ is a debut that is an impressing piece of work, technically and quality-wise. It´s the most impeccable way to bow your head to your musical influences without falling for the facility of plagiarism, instead offering them a place at the table of stimulation and inspiration. It´s an album full of great songs, which own catchy arrangements and effective harmonies and melodies, woven in an atmospheric shade that crawls in your ear for occupying body and soul. I bet there will be great things still to come from Christine and her Viola!”

“Guter Dark Wave ist heute zwar nicht unbedingt schwer zu finden, aber selten bleibt er noch ursprünglich und fängt das ursprüngliche Gefühl der 80er so perfekt ein, wie es bei Christine Plays Viola der Fall ist. Diese Combo aus Italien besteht gerade mal seit drei Jahren, konnte aber schon mit gewonnenen Contests, Konzerten, kleineren Veröffentlichungen und vielen anderen Erfolgen nationale Aufmerksamkeit auf sich ziehen. Nun hat die Band einen Deal mit afmusic ergattern, was wohl den internationalen Siegeszug der traditionsbewussten Gothrocker noch voran treiben wird. Die erste große Langspielplatte Innocent Awareness ist digital bereits erhältlich, CDs wird es ab Mitte Juni geben. ”

“La sottile differenza tra precipitare e abbandonarsi, tra la forza che piega e il tormento che atterrisce, i movimenti notturni per combattere questo malessere e trovare una cura, con il desiderio triste e la sollecita rassegnazione e l'amore, i colori sfumati e l'acqua che scorre ora in stille ora in pioggia o in lacrime oppure ancora l'asciutta calma di un millisecondo di sorrisi già trascorso. Queste le sensazioni trasmesse al primo ascolto da "Innocent awareness", album d'esordio dei Christine Plays Viola. Dark inteso come parte in cui stare, posizione acquisita, modo e tempo, new wave che si fa gotica e profonda soprattutto nelle intro dei brani per poi lanciarsi in sovrapposizioni elettroniche trascinanti.”

“As a musical fan you can only embrace economical crises. Unfortunately it gets people on the dole but it also results in dark sounds. They might call it these days neo post-punk or whatever, but it’s a godsend to hear the influence from the 80’s that it makes you forget there was something as dreadful as grunge. Three Italian boys from Pratola and even if their band’s name sounds like something neoclassical we’re dealing with some dark post-punk stuff here. They’ve been already compared with the likes of The Cure, Fields Of The Nephilim or even Siouxsie and the Banshees. Sure, you can hear bits of that in their sound but we heard mainly a band who’s been inspired by Joy Division. They came up with their debut “Innocent Awareness” that got released on AF Music. All songs have a dark atmosphere where melody rules that could appeal, as well to your average Interpol-fan or Goths who like indie. ”