Christine McHoes / Press

“Wow......the new version of 'Summer Love' is a tune that might be able to bring a jazz tune into mainstream....what energy and excellent vocal delivery.......I do like the original version at the start of your song list but the new one sure puts it out there............”

The Wayback Brothers - Reverbnation

“Fabulous vocalist! This music is superb - fantastic - it will blow you away if you give it a chance! Christine is an incredible jazz singer, and this album is as good as it gets. Recording, production quality, and smoothness of delivery are impeccable! This album is great!”

“CDBaby album review David Van Knokey June 25, 2012 Back in 1979, a friend of mine who owned a music store called me to his store one day to play a new album he had just gotten in... He wouldn't tell me who the artist was, but he told me she was somebody I would recognize from a different genre. He said, "For 10 years she has been well known for more mainstream work, but this woman was BORN to sing jazz!" The album turned out to be "Mingus" and the artist was Joni Mitchell. The first time I heard Christine McHoes singing "Upside Down" I was transported back to that magical time. Even more than Joni, Christine was BORN to sing jazz! I could listen to this song over and over all day! I want MORE!!!!”

“WhEn i GrOw Up...i'M gOnNa Be a SiNgEr!!”

Me....when i was 6 - Ringolake Music

“ ..again here for wash me away -my nightcap!!! ”


“When they put my body in the coffin, which may have already been Thursday, I NEED ur voice for all eternity. Please???? ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

The Late Scrumpy the flea.... - ....Words that Mean Something

“I can honestly say, you have one of the best voices i have ever heard! so clean, but powerful. it gave me chills....”


“Christine!!!! Get your Head outta the CLOUDS and go Call those cows HOME!!!!”

My Dad - Home on the farm

"Time Rewind" is absolutely GREAT Christine! Love those lyrics, your great vocals, arrangement. It doesn't get better than this my friend.

Gary Whitehawk - Outlaw country

“Christine!!! When you get done Playing on That Piano!! GO DO YOUR CHORES!!!”

Mom - Home on the farm

“You are just so amazingly good .."Wash Away" is fantastic and so far everything I've heard falls into that words meaning .. I'm half way thru the list and loving it...”

Rayski - Reverbnation

“Hello Christine. The story of "This is my church!" is so profoundly humbling. There is something about you.....:) and Thank God for Mercy! xx”