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Christine Leakey / Press

“We talked to Christine Leakey, a multi-disciplinary artist who counts graphic design, music, and visual art among her talents, and even has a shiny new Hamilton Music Award for Album Art, received just last month for her own album, Tapping Trees in a Trinket Box of Treasure, to show for it. She chats with CoBALT about the many creative roles she fills. You seem to take on a lot of creative roles. You wrote, produced, and did the artwork for your album Tapping Trees in a Trinket Box of Treasure. Can you talk to us about your career trajectory? And I've done conceptual and production work on some of my own music videos, too! In life, I live by the simplicity of, If I can think it then I can do it. Sort of like how Forrest Gump went out into the world fearlessly because it can't hurt to try. When I was a baby, I began to whistle tunes at 10 months old, and then at 2, I was already drawing pictures and colouring in the lines, and so when asked the question, “What do you want to be..."”

“While it might be a couple of decades before she’d be up for a lifetime award, Christine Leakey has had a long history of making music in Hamilton and offers a special showcase this weekend. Leakey came to Hamilton to study graphic design but the Gananoque, Ontario born artist would begin her musical journey in this city in the ‘90s with a '60s garage rock outfit known as the Double Feature Creatures. While the band would only last a few years, Leakey would continue making music and eventually write her own wealth of material. But everything came to a halt when an injury left Christine unable to play guitar and the resultant road back to recovery would take many years. With years of physical recovery and meticulous recording, Leakey is finally back with her brand new solo debut, Tapping Trees in a Trinket Box of Treasure and her first full solo show in Hamilton in fifteen years. “I was doing solo shows back in 1995,” recalls Leakey. “I grew up in a family that played”

“Christine Leakey's Tapping Trees in a Trinket Box of Treasure is a luscious jewel-colored phantasmagoria with the depth and complexity of fine old bourbon or a Caravaggio. Spending an hour with the narcotic splendor of Ms. Leakey's sultry sounds is like taking a stroll underwater through limpid, star-spangled honey...on Ecstasy. All this, and she has a voice that will make you swoon.”

“Christine Leakey’s long awaited debut solo album is a blooming bittersweet macabre, a gentle waltzing collection of soft pop songs inflected with delicate dissonance. The aesthetic achieved alternates between romantic and eerie, abandoned carnivals and haunted meadows, like some musical journey through the mind of Tim Burton. If you haven’t time for the full journey through this choose-your-own-adventure album, I would recommend jumping to page three for the swooning brilliance of ‘Here I Stand’ where you will find Christine Leakey seducing her lover into some sort of Balkan den for a fortune telling.”

“… El dia de hoy, dejare un poco de lado toda la serie de experimentaciones y terrenos oscuros para presentarles a una chica que ha estado haciendo una musica bastante suave la cual recae dentro de los terrenos clasicos del folk pero a su vez, tambien decide incluir algunos elementos electronicos dentro de sus composiciones para darle unos toques mucho mas romanticos a sus melodias, su nombre es Christine Leakey. … "Tapping Trees In A Trinket Box Of Treasure" habia salido a la venta hace un par de dias y si, desde la primera escuchada pude percibir que esta chica porta con un tono vocal bastante especial el cual se ve perfectamente respaldado por los arreglos musicales que ella misma se encarga de dirigir con la ayuda de algunos otros musicos bastante importantes los cuales incluso han llegado a tener una relacion directa con bandas iconicas de la musica como Pink Floyd...”

“Tapping Trees In A Trinket Box Of Treasure is right up there in the longest album title awards bracket. It is also up there in the this is a really good debut album awards bracket. Leakey weaves her dreampop vocals and beautiful songs through a myriad of influences from jazz to classical to retro torch singers. The album is also noteworthy for featuring a bunch of vintage keyboards such as a Mellotron and ARP 2600. There is just so much here to enjoy. This album is a must have debut from an artist that is destined to become a major indie force...”

“Christine is now back on her musical path and ready to release her debut solo album, Tapping Trees in a Trinket Box of Treasure. Its lush cinematic, dreamy, pop elements put a fresh spin on fusion that beg a new definition with every listen. Her album features a variety of prominent musicians from classical, folk, pop, jazz and world music background's including Maurizio Guarini (Goblin), Linda Ronstadt's Artistic Director and Pianist Jon Gilutin, 60's EMI/Abbey Road Studios veteran Mark Wirtz, and many others. In addition to the album featuring a whole array of organic wind, reed, string and world instruments, this album also features a very rare collection of vintage and museum quality keyboards including the Chamberlin, Mellotron, Optigan, Orchestron and ARP 2600. "Tapping Trees in a Trinket Box is what would happen if Karen Carpenter went into outer space with Tom Waits and gave birth to Syd Barrett."”

“Settle into that red velvet booth, light up a Lucky and immerse yourself in the nostalgic, gorgeously cinematic indie art/pop of Tapping Trees in a Trinket Box of Treasure, the forever-in-the-works debut album from Canadian songwriter chanteuse Christine Leakey. If Duffy is the chirpy Dusty Springfield of the modern retro pop movement and Amy Winehouse it's dark and bedeviled folk/blues sister, Leakey is its Julie London, trading ripped fishnets and streetwise charms for the cushy penthouse and patent leather pumps, offering purring sultry come ons, slow sambas and heavy eyelids. "Lovely" sounds lifted from some lost 60's soundtrack, a cool cocktail of Latin rhythms, fluttering flutes and perfectly cheesy piano runs. "Here I Stand" coos and entices, a 007 Bond-age theme caught in a slow, twisty dream.”

“Jason: I just checked to see if I got it right. It'll take me a week to remember the name for me. LOL. But it is a clever name, and beats the Peverett Phile name. How did you come up with that name, Christine? Christine: Haha!! Well, Leakey Peverett is definitely a name combo to cause some chuckles! :) The name started out as just "Tapping Trees". Then I got thinking, I really like album names like "The Piper at the Gates of Dawn" or "A Saucer full of Secrets"... I tend to also enjoy making a play on words. The name has so many personal meanings for me as well which pertains directly to elements within the album. For example, tapping trees identifies with me being a sappy romantic at times, plus there are plenty of wooden instruments being tapped on the album, and most importantly, my late Uncle John passed away after visiting a maple sugar bush during tapping season. There is a song which I wrote for him on the album. The trinket box of treasure part triggered...”

“If it takes fourteen years to record an album, then one would normally assume some kind of Axl Rose-related story has been attached. Not so with Canada’s Christine Leakey who suffered an injury rendering her unable to play guitar; just as she was on the verge of securing recording deals. However, undeterred, her debut solo album is here and alerts us that a true individual walks amongst us. ‘Lovely’ is a very light pleasant slice of optimism to get us started but ‘Here I Stand’ is a greater showcase for the Leakey vocal. Her insouciant tones perfectly compliment the smoky jazz backing, producing the effect of a modern day Sade. Thereafter real songs merge with odd interludes which occasionally build up an atmosphere of a theatrical performance rather than an album. In fairness, that may be the point... ‘Tapping Trees…’ is by turns brilliant, childlike, confusing and chilling but the invention and talent she demonstrates ensures that this is a wholly worthwhile and admi”

“34 SEMANA/WEEK ( 31/10 TO 06/11, 2011) YOUTUBE WEEKLY PLAYLIST, Christine Leakey - Lovely”

“Christine Leakey - Lovely video preview of the week.”

“Christine’s musically journey has seen many of its fair share of ups and downs. She has formed bands, written hundreds of songs, appeared on radio and TV, collaborated with artists like 60s EMI/Abbey Road Studios Mark Wirtz, and released music on indie labels and in an award winning Documentary. “I have shared the stage with many acts from classical chamber music and indie bands, to prominent artists like Ween, Junior Kimbrough, and Iggy Pop. Iggy’s reaction to my performance at the Detroit State Theatre in ’96 was, “Wow, wow, wow!” Back then, things looked great musically until everything came to a halt when an injury left me unable to play guitar. It was really tough to walk away from some recording offers. Despite the obstacles, I never gave up hope. With years of great determination and a need to accomplish my goals, I am pleased to say I got back on my music path and I’m ready to present my debut solo album, Tapping Trees in a Trinket Box of Treasure”. ”

“Christine Leakey has released a video for “Lovely” from her debut album, Tapping Trees in a Trinket Box of Treasure, which will be released on January 10, 2012. Leakey’s album is 14 years in-the-making after a promising musical career was derailed by an injury that left her unable to play guitar in the late-’90′s. Prior her untimely misfortune, she had performed with acts like Ween, Junior Kimbrough and Iggy Pop. Leakey didn’t give on her musical dream. She has made three tracks from the upcoming album available via BandCamp. You can follow her on Twitter.”

“Local Treasure, Gananoque native releasing debut album in January... A 'Treasure' 14 years in the making...Gananoque native Christine Leakey thinks that if you believe in your dreams, they can come true.... 'I believe everything influences us when we create something. Whatever environment we grew up in or whatever music we would listen to.. all that impacts us.'...”

“For your Saturday special also take in a couple of other tracks from Christine Leakey’s debut solo album, Tapping Trees in a Trinket Box of Treasure.”

“Christine Leakey's dream taking shape ... Her mother's family was from Brockville and spent every summer at a private campground. Nights were spent around the campfire singing with accompaniment by her Uncle John and family friends with guitars, drums, a banjo and even a washtub bass. "I used to make up songs from a young age," said Leakey. "I would sing to my dog or alone in my room. I was shy to sing." Leakey outgrew her meekness, and in high school auditioned for the school plays, though she was never cast. This didn't dissuade her though, and Leakey pursue music after college when she taught herself guitar at 22 years old. "I would play obsessively for five to nine hours a day," she said. ... "I believe everything influences us when we create something," Leakey said. "Whatever environment we grew up in or whatever music we would listen to...all of that impacts us." ...”

“Gananoque native Christine Leakey thinks that if you believe in your dreams, they can come true. They have for her – it took 14 years, but Leakey is releasing her debut album in January 2012. "It's exactly and more than I hoped it would be," she said of her upcoming album, Tapping Trees in a Trinket Box of Treasure. "I can't tell you how exciting it is." Leakey, who currently lives in Hamilton and works as a graphic designer, has always been surrounded by music. Her mother's family were from Brockville and they spent every summer at their private campground. Nights were spent around the campfire singing with accompaniment by her Uncle John and family friends with guitars, drums, a banjo and even a washtub bass. "I used to make up songs from a young age," said Leakey. "I would sing to my dog or alone in my room. I was shy to sing." ... ”

“Como el recuerdo borroso de una melodía vieja, envuélvanse con la nostalgia musical de Christine Leakey." which translates to: "Like the blurred memory of an old melody, they become involved with musical nostalgia of Christine Leakey.”

“Canadian singer-songwriter Christine Leakey is set to release her debut album Tapping Trees In A Trinket Box Of Treasure. The album (released January 10th, 2012) has been described as "if Karen Carpenter went into outer space with Tom Waits and gave birth to Syd Barret." Her album features: Chris Gartner and Great Bob Scott (Thinbuckle), Maurizio Guarini (Goblin), Maryem Tollar, Ernie Tollar, Ravi Naimpally, Linda Ronstadt's Artistic Director and Pianist Jon Gilutin, 60's EMI/Abbey Road Studios veteran Mark Wirtz, and many others.”

“Ik kreeg een e-mailtje van Christine Leakey. Een muzikante. Zoals ik zoveel e-mails krijg van muzikanten uit binnen- en buitenland. Je begint haast te denken dat je belangrijk bent. Of nog erger: de afzender denkt dat je belangrijk bent. Hoe dan ook, ik lees wel alles en zo dus ook deze van Christine. Ze komt met een nieuwe plaat. En er staat een liedje online. Of ASP daar aandacht aan wil geven. Het bekende verhaal. Maar er was dit keer meer. Een groter verhaal. Het album waarmee Christine namelijk komt, Tapping Trees in a Trinket Box of Treasure, is een debuutalbum waar ze 14 jaar aan gewerkt heeft. Niet omdat ze lui is, maar omdat een ongeluk het gitaarspelen lange tijd onmogelijk maakte. Een vreselijke wending in de veelbelovende carriere van de in Canada wonende muzikante. Want talent heeft ze. “Since teaching myself guitar in 1994, I have formed bands, written hundreds of songs, appeared on radio and TV, collaborated with artists like 60′s EMI/Abbey Road Studios Mark Wirtz...”

“The following video is for the song Lovely which was taken from the upcoming debut album, 'Tapping Trees in a Trinket Box of Treasure', which is set to drop in January 2012. Christine recorded the new record in Ontario and LA. It is a labour of love that has taken over 14 years to become a reality, due to the fact that she had an accident that prevented her from playing guitar for quite a while. Christine's music is dreamy and mysterious, without being too whimsical or kitschy. Of special note is her voice, she is refreshingly experimental and her range is killer. Right now you can order an advanced Special Edition version of the record which comes with 3 extra mp3 downloads , a physical 15 track full length in the mail, plus an original piece of artwork created by Christine herself. If you are a fan of My Brightest Diamond, St.Vincent, Babel Gilberto or Leonard Cohen you definitely should check her out! Christine also produced and directed this pretty little video. ”

“Had to listen to this one a couple of times to pinpoint what it is that makes it so enjoyable - and I think I’ve figured it out. It is a song that sounds of promise. As the lyrics reveal, this is a tune all about giving in to love and who doesn’t adore that heady sensation when it blooms? Dig it.”

“Not gonna lie - this Toronto-based singer’s sultry vocals and cinematic orchestration are pulling me in like an Odyssean siren. And the hints of psychedelic bossanova that Os Mutantes would be proud of keep the seduction honey sweet. She’s got her album Tapping Trees in a Trinket Box of Treasure, “an album I have been steeping for 14 years,” coming out in January. Catch a preview of a few tracks on her Bndcmp.”

“The video for Lovely shows a different approach to matching visuals to music. This one has images that are recognizable, people, flowers, and such, but there is no attempt to tell a story. Instead, what you get is a perfect matching of visual and musical mood. Christine Leakey’s songs have a breezy feel and a Brazilian lilt. The gauzy and sometimes abstract look of the video works perfectly.”

“Christine Leakey’s tunes are part orchestrated noir, part dark forest and yet very much a real dream..... a smooth decoupage straight from the heart that have been a long time in the making since her earlier days in bands called..... Hailing originally from the heart of the 1000 Islands, Gananoque Ontario (sounds so magical), Canada she is our familiar neighbor whom brings us fairy-esque soundscapes sculpted from many fem-fatale influences and life experiences. This preview of teasers we hear the dark sexy light of Nico washed in Bongwater like reverb and the pillow talk of pink floyd. She’s created something pretty focused and telling here with lots of layers like those you in might find when digging in the sand. A castle of music has been created with subtle and solid colors of sound which will give you a fuzzy feeling. Give it a go – the authentic grit will draw you in and surprise you. Your imagination will conjure the rest of the story. ”

“It's been a heck of a long journey for Hamilton singer songwriter, Christine Leakey. She's waited for 14 years to finally unleash her debut album, Tapping Trees in a Trinket Box of Treasure, which is set to be released in early 2012. - Yes, you’ve heard it right, 14 years. I was nostalgically remembering what I was doing back then..." "... Since then she didn't give up on her dream. -14 years later, she is now ready to release her debut album in 2012. Once said in my favourite movie, Shawshank Redemption, "Get busy living or get busy dying"-She chose the first and never gave up on her dream since with a strong hope to release her music someday. With all her hard work over years, Leakey is counting down till the release date. She is currently offering a preview of the album via Bandcamp. You can enjoy three tracks from the album. My favorite tune is 'Lovely'. Starting with the intro of a soft guitar tune, her voice flows in smoothly, which reminisces 60's aesthetic folk pop melodies”

“After 14 years in the works, the forthcoming album by Hamilton's Miss. Leakey will be released in January 2012. Free 3 song preview available at Bandcamp. Sounds like: Picturesque 60s nostalgia. A dreamy kinda love song with a simplistic indie sensibility. Leakey's light, floaty voice leaves an uplifting impression. ”

“In January, Christine Leakey will release the LP, Tapping Trees in a Trinket Box of Treasure. Tapping Trees… is, as Ms. Leakey puts it, “an album I’ve been steeping for 14 years.” She’s made three tracks available through Bandcamp, where you can pre-order the full release. Labeled as cinematic, jazz, and dreamy, the music remarkably fits these boundaries of sound. The artwork and outtakes from the album’s promo shoot add to this aura. This is one of those releases where you’ll find yourself fascinated by the music, as well as what surrounds it. It’s truly original.”

"There's something about Christine Leakey's sound that reminds me of 1920s Shanghai. She will be releasing Tapping Trees in a Trinket Box of Treasure in January 2012, an album that took 14 years in the making. Years ago, the self-taught guitarist suffered an injury that left her unable to play and put a spanner in the works. Despite the unfortunate incident, she managed to bounce back. Here's "Lovely", a song with a snazzy old vibe."

“Lovely- I absolutely love this.......whimsical, beautiful, bright and airy!”

"Rêche et savoureux, le son de Christine Leakey a un grain gros et salé qui semble aussi spontané que complexe. La voix, capable de grands écarts classieux, partant de basses profondes pour finir en petites touches de caresses diaphanes, nous laisse rêveurs et transportés, comme caressés pendant une longue torpeur qu’on ne veut pas voir finir. Les violons débordent d’envolées aussi vintages que saisissantes, venant souligner des guitares aux couleurs échappées des blues les plus rauques… Christine Leakey développe ainsi un univers assez singulier, atemporel et à la poésie envoûtante. Le trois extraits se révèlent à l’écoute suffisamment riches pour qu’on se mette à les écouter en boucle, en découvrant de nouvelles choses à chaque écoute… Une très belle découverte, donc, à faire dès maintenant en attendant pour 2012 l’album »Tapping Trees in a Trinket Box of Treasure "

“New pleasant surprise entered the inbox this week; Christine Leakey - why, she just leaked a few songs into my inbox, har har ugh - is a darling Canadian lady in her upper 30s who not only enjoys making cashew cheese and blogging, but is coming out with a record this January. The loungy, mildly jazzy teaser for her debut solo album (Tapping Trees in a Trinket Box of Treasure) is available for free on her Bandcamp page (as is everybody's music, it seems). These songs are soft and sweet, her aesthetic more retro than the music itself, and if you tend to crave artists like Eleni Mandell, the Real Tuesday Weld, or - by a slight stretch - Azure Ray, Leakey may be the lady for you.”

"... lovely voice lovely songs lovely nostalgia"

“... And then I stumble upon this and I am in love. Haunting, sexy, uplifting, full of soul but not soulful (does that make sense?). Check it out! Christine Leakey, I am your newest fan. Can't wait for the new album in December! xo”

“I love teasers, especially if they are so promising that they leave you wanting more. These 3 tracks get several spins a day here @pluginbabynl; they are different, exciting and contain a certain thrill. It sounds vague, but that's how it is. All 3 tracks make me more curious about the entire record, a little more everytime i hear 'em. Is it December yet!?”

"Listening to Christine's album is like opening a treasure chest filled with pure gems! Her style and sound are unique. The richness of the colors that each and every instrument brings to this album is rare to find. With this labor of love, Christine leads the listeners on a path that touches many chords and moods. The lyrics are true to the heart and Christine's beautiful and pristine voice delivers them with much grace and fun. "

"Tapping Trees in a Trinket Box of Treasure” is a true treasure. It is a wonderful departure from some of the music that is put out these days and well worth the time to listen to. And listen to very carefully I might add. Christine’s lyrics are both playful and moody and like true music, also has a message to deliver, but leaves the listener to draw upon their own life’s experience for a conclusion. Her singing voice has no weaknesses as she has found her own style of music, which is quite varied! These songs delight the listener from what I perceive are Celtic undertones to Pop and swing to a cabaret to an almost bossa nova beat and R&B. Each song is just wonderful and shows that much love and thought was put forth. The orchestration and composition work on these songs were masterfully done.

“Christine Leakey's new solo album ("Tapping Trees in a Trinket Box of Treasure") is a such-like challenge. Delicious, seductive, enigmatic, hauntingly captivating, mysterious, ecclectic, cerebral, moody, obscure yet laced with reminiscent undertones, genre-defying yet at once embraceable and undeniably commercial, even seasoned with catchy hooks, marvelous arrangements, and melodies delivered by Christine's sensual, mesmerizing vocal renditions that slyly get under your skin and stay there...”