Christine Havrilla & Gypsy Fuzz / Press

"I see so many artists...I'm always pleased and amazed at what Christine is doing, and have enjoyed watching her art develop over the years I have known her. We especially appreciate it when an artist recognizes the energy in the room, and harnesses it to take their audience on a wild ride."

Ramona LaBarre - Managing Director - Godfrey Daniels

"I had the great fortune of listening to a lot of Christine Havrilla music over the last couple of weeks in a run up to meeting at the Stone Pony. I think one would be hard pressed to find a more talented songwriter and performer working the independent music scene in America today. She is 'great' and I hope people will check out her music and support what they are doing. Really outstanding..."

Sean Kay, author & scholar - upcoming book "Rockin' the Free World!" (Roman & Littlefield)

"The songs are intelligent and moving, the arrangements are incisive and colorful, and, best of all, Havrilla consistently comes across as a confident and seasoned performer."

Mike Joyce - The Washington Post

"...the loops, the beats, the chops, the total excitement... a sensational experience"

Jeffrey Gaines, musician - Comment at Christine's Steel City Show

““This CD (Vol. 2- The Sunset Sessions) just defies description. It is hot, tight, precise and just plain kicks ass. . This ambitious Philly native manifests her talent in certain ways that allows her to create eclectic music which will grab your heart and leave a lasting memory. Her Roots/Folk/Americana background coupled with that unique individuality that she possesses allows her to be a presence that steps into many genres and gives her the tools to crossover to different music formats. If I were still programming radio, I'd be all over this! My recommendation is go hear the band live, buy the CD and experience what I have just heard. I give this 2 THUMBS UP!””

““Christine has a great knack for infectious melodies with really fun hooks. Compounded with an incredible live performance, you CAN NOT go wrong! Pop this one in the cd player and you'll find you can't take it out."”

Helen Leicht - 88.5 WXPN

““With Gypsy Fuzz (the album and the band), Christine Havrilla takes especially that rock element and turns it to 11. Gypsy Fuzz fuses fantastic guitar work with Christine’s vocals, which can reach down inside and grab your heart. A very diverse album, showing elements of rock, blues and even country, among others, Gypsy Fuzz continues Christine’s string of fantastic albums. Buy it.””

Mark Rogers - 93.7 WSTW

"Christine Havrilla was one of the most talked about acts at The Ladybug Festival last year (2015)!"

"Christine Havrilla is a creative, talented powerhouse wrapped up in one complete package. "

M. McKenna - Nor'easter Magazine

“Christine breaks out the gasoline and sets fire to the typical Roots/Folk genre, with blazing acoustic guitars, blatantly honest lyrics...”

Rik Ferrell - What's Up Magazine

“Havrilla ready to bring some noise to Cincy...!”

"Yet another fun late-year discover!"

Inessa - 101.9 KINK.fm

"... based on the buzz in the Philadelphia music scene about her shows, I know exactly what I hope to see when I catch Christine Havrilla live - an exceptionally dynamic performance given by an exceptionally dynamic performer. "

Philadelphia Indie Music Examiner

"She rocks!"

Philadelphia Magazine

"Unlike so many of today's "cutesy pie" female artists, Christine Havrilla doesn't wear her influences on her sleeve and has crafted a sound that is at once familiar and original...making for a very pleasurable listening experience that breaks the mold and is actually, some other thing entirely. "

Musichead Magazine

“...her voice is a comforting constant, drawing you in with its raw emotion and not letting go.”

"(Velocity) tracks like "Blinders" and "Ride" showcase Havrilla's depth and craftsmanship; they're well-built, catchy, smart tunes. At the end of the day, Havrilla's a talented veteran songwriter, one who's worth joining for the ride." "

Andrew Peterson - Upstage Magazine