BlacKlacE *!/||\!* Bad Girl Of Rock/Metal / Press

“As a 20 year veteran Senior Publicist in the music and film industry, I recently had the distinct privilege of being a guest at a BlacklacE show, where I was not only entertained, but impressed by the professionalism of the lead vocalist Christine Black. This artist is a master of her craft. As a seasoned entertainer, this performer engages her audience with high energy, perfected vocals, and the ability to command industry respect. Her catalog of original material and stage presence is currently being recognized by noted record executives. BlacklacE is dedicated to delivering thundering, electrifying, and captivating performances from the moment they step foot on the stage, till the request for an encore. This hard rock powerhouse band gained my appreciation for their talent, and I know that if the industry is considering signing BlacklacE, I recommend a swift contract proposal be made, as they will not be unsigned for long. So, look for a show; you won't be disappointed.”

Senior Publicist Vicki Johnson, IATSE 600 Camera Guild - BlacklacE Catches Media Attention!

“Tonight was unbelievable,I planned on staying home when the Mavericks were winning a NBA Championship, but, instead, I sat in 100-degree weather,in the middle of a cattle pasture, inside what some would say looks like a metal barn without walls, a bar called Tumbleweeds. There I sat, stunned,but not from beer or the lack of AC,stunned because I was at a practice session of one of the best rock bands I have ever heard. Blacklace a local rock band that is absolutely stunning. Not only are the members totally drug and alcohol-free, they have incredible individual talent. Christine Black, molds and blends together the best of each member,so it eventually blends into an incredible performance. Blacklace has a tight, solid sound, but Christine is the glue,her unique, voice and music knowledge bonds it all together. The name is Blacklace, and if you haven't listened to rock in a while, or if you routinely do, this group is worth anyone's time and money.Totally incredible, all I can say is Wow”

Larry Robinson - An Incredible Night