Christina Marie Magenta / Press

“A sultry voice, smooth and silky like the touch of satin to skin, paired with the skilled sound of mixed instruments blended together to create a dark and intoxicated sound, music has a fresh companion in Christina Marie.”

“Christina Marie Magenta blends seductive, sultry vocals with a combination of electronic, gothic, and rock elements to create a unique style all her own.”

“....She is transitioning from one success to another...”

“The intoxicating sound of Christina Marie will take this planet by storm! What I mean is her sometimes mysterious sound of her voice to sometimes a lyrical roller coaster sound, she has surpised me with not only a straight forward song but comes out of nowhere with an orchestral mix of instruments that came without expectation. From Folky sound to Bluesy right into a Rock delivery, she changes her selections with such grace and melodic ease that leaves you wondering what the next song will sound like.”