Christina Britton / Press

“TearDrops From The Sky: A voice that set's a mood and a vibe for the one who listens.......10/10”

Justine Vickery - Acid Planet

“Cherry Trees: Hi..Christina..Cherry Trees..I think with your words and singing you have put all those trees into full pink blossom..Another great song and yes so much a show tune.A stage awaits for you..10/10..olly”

Olly/John - Acid Planet

“Oh Charlie: What a great song so much work involved in the lyrics and your vocals are stunning ..As you know chaplin wrote the best song ever(smile) well I think you would have made him smile with this just like me ..Brilliant..all the best olly.10/10”

IDEA,S-NEW (Olly) - Acid Planet

“Say 'Hello' To My Little Friend: I like the tone of your voice. Really liked the song, dark and calm... Sounds like something I might hear on Twin Peaks. Really dug it”

Kactus23 - Acid Planet

“Say 'Hello' To My Little Friend: Hello, I say WOW...Hi..Christina its a pleasure to listen too your songs and with this tune you show a lot of control with the vocals ..A perfect flow throughout .love the words my little friend (china Doll)..Great writing skills and so poetic as well..more people should listen ..10/10 from olly/john”

IDEA,S-NEW (Olly/John) - Acid Planet

“Ferral Cat: well, this is just a great piece of jazz music, the beats were great, and the vocals were the best..the production was very good work...you are a very good singer...just a good piece of work....ron”

Ron Sheppard - Acid Planet

“Ferral Cat: Meeooww...Hi.Christina ..I got to say you have a great talent these songs that you are performing are high quality.Brilliant vocals and lyrics..You will get everyone MEOWING with joy ...10/10 from olly”

IDEA,S-NEW (Olly) - Acid Planet

“Ferral Cat: This track is exceptional, and i look forward to hearing more.”

Double Six - Acid Planet

“So Damned Country: Love your voice! You've got that smooth quality to it, but a really nice amount of "rasp" that gives it an edge! As for the song...it's well-written, and you deliver the lyrics perfectly. Great band tracks, and the production is top-notch. peace, Brett ”

songwriterbrett - Acid Planet

“No Flowers in This Hotel: Hi ..Christina ..I hope more people listen to your songs I think they are Brilliant ..singing ..music ..everything you have got yourself a fan..They may pick up on these reviews.If not you will have to listen to other artist work..I wish all the best what ever you do..and its 10000/10 from olly”

IDEA,S-NEW (Olly) - Acid Planet

“No Flowers in This Hotel: sweet swinging and sweet singing. They don't write music like this anymore---but they should.”

JackKetch - Acid Planet

“No Flowers in This Hotel: this and 'carlotta' are my favorites. i like your style. return review is not necessary. peace.”

biggathomas - Acid Planet

“Carlotta: Hi..Christina..This is so good and so pro-like.this song is by a confindent singer and also a Brilliant song writer. a unique style I would say an artist that should be heard..Its so good.anyhow its a 10000/10 from olly”

IDEA,S-NEW - Acid Planet

“Carlotta: This track is phenomenal. The vocals are outstanding, the wind instruments and flute are brilliant and the timing is perfect, simply an all around joy to listen to. I am very impressed. Bravo.”

Double Six - Acid Planet

“Carlotta: You have it going on gal and so does the band behind you...Keep on Keepin on”

Justine Vickery - Acid Planet

“Carlotta: Love grooves like this, with that great piano and vocal. Your a very good singer Christina your tone fits this beat like a glove. Good work! Chris.W - :)”

Chris Watson - Acid Planet

“Hey! Christina, i cant seem to find a track of your's that i do not like. This is superb. Evertime I Fell: I could'nt work out who your voice reminded me of, but now i have. The soft guitar near the end, is brill also. Has this track had a No1 Spot, and if not why not ? All the best, you have a fantastic singing voice and AP, is to small for you. Once again superbbbbbbbbbbbb”

“Beautiful music and real singular interpretations. i like your voice. It remembers me strongly Kate Bush. Very good extension and modulation ;)”

Tiziano Demaria

“Hauntingly beautiful!”

Jesse Mueller

“Like Jesse Mueller said "Hauntingly chilling and beautiful" Your voice is unique. I like that clear tone you have.”


“Love your voice!!! Great stuff. Love, Phil”

Phillip Hartley

“beautiful music reminds me of kate bush, keep up the great work :)”

Inverclyde Radio

“Very haunting melody and vocals on "Echoes of Resonance" - I like it - almost like Enya mixed with a native american chord style - very unique.”

The Country Storm

“Wagner & Mejans: I dig your vox. Reminds we of Kate Bush :) More please....”

Wagner & Mejans

“Very 4AD - and loving it!! -Odin”

Odin - Mouths Of Dogs

“great work! beautiful vocals, lyrics and music...Adam”

Adam - The Adam Glover Blues Band

“Beautiful vocals!”

Chaos Aftermath

“very beautifull vocals ;)”

great white north

“beautiful vocals and mood in your songs, many thanks for your friendship! Hope for your success!”

Kimmy B Shade

“Beautiful voice to go with a beautiful face. Great melodies and performances. Keep up the great talent.”

Steven West

“hello Christina,you've great music and beautiful voice here. Wishing you all the best. Luigi:)”

Luigi Sensi

“Very beautiful voice! Your writing is very good indeed! Very moving lyrics in "Walking amongst echoes"! Keep 'em coming! Thanks for adding us! Much success to you!”

Zebra Butterfly

“alas.......haunting and sweet to my ears..........look me up if you ever come to nashville”

billy t scrapper - Billy T. Scrapper/WATERIZE

“Great sound and beautiful voice, looking forward to hearing more of your music.”


“Fine music and a voice full of emotion . PEACE AND LOVE”


“Dear E.O.R. Welcome to Blazing Sky Music, we look forward to cross promoting your phenominal sound on our Label. Peace, R.C. (B.S.M.).”

R.C. (B.S.M.). - Blazing Sky Music

“Beautiful words, music and voice. I can't wait to hear more.”


“Lovely voice - haunting! Paul Mar 22”

Paul Butler

“love ur music....mr.buck,bp”

Buckley Production


Charissa Mrowka & Auburn Sky Band

“Christina, think I am definitely falling head over heels in love with your fantastic sound and really beautiful vocals. So catchy... Well done you guys, I can't get enough please put more up. MFTS”

Music For The Soul

“I hear echoes of the strength and delicacy of Kate Bush in your lovely voice(one of my faves). Good lyrics...keep making beautiful music! Kerry Mar 12”

Kerry Kelley

“Fantastic music...you have a beautiful voice”

Full Dimensional Stereo

“Your voice is beautifully haunting. Chills the bone. A modern siren, if you will. Full marks for creativity! We hope you enjoyed our tunes, as well? Keep in touch! Cheers, -Snead-”

Sleep Siren

“I adore your voice! Gorgeous and classic!”


“Your voice is tremendous, im glad i found you, i can listen to you forever...”

Alan Redmond

“Stopping by to say hello and thank you!:) So great to connect here on Reverbnation. Love the tracks...Your voice is just beautiful..very powerful and soulful! Joe”

Joe Gande

“Great tunes,Haunting voice. keep up the good work. Cheers”

The Talent

“Music For The Soul: Brilliant.. vox and music.... vocals reminds me of the amazing Kate Bush.. MFTS”

“Cool Voice and Sound!!!”

Blue Copper

“Your Voice is beautiful......goddess style......take care.”


“Excellent way of singing - sooo original and smooth... Perfect music from perfect singer/songwriter. Enjoyed your song much. Wish you real success. A&P, I&SON”